Is Big Bird Missing Any Feathers???

If you looked at my front door you would think that Big Bird
 must have lost some.
I absolutely love this wreath!! It is my Easter/ Spring Wreath 
for the front door.
I hot glued a few eggs on the wreath.
If the ribbon looks familiar I used it for my Easter trees.
I just added it this year and it really makes the wreath pop.
What around your house reminds you of Big Bird or
another Sesame Street character?
I would love to hear about it.

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  1. That is cute!

    Poor bigbird- lucky it wasn't snoffalopocusasnoonecould spell that!

    I am following you from a blog hop!
    Great site- Happy Easter.

    Feel free to drop past our family friendly site- we recently posted on kids and savings, you might like it!

  2. Love it LOL the yellow feathers do look very stylish with lots of color perfect for spring

  3. hi 2u, am blogwalking, llanded at your site, wow such a beautiful craftwork. must have taken a lot of patience to get a beautiful result eh..
    so i have followed you.
    please visit my latest post and accept my request to do a special- turban squash “GUEST POST” for me ok.. I will be so grateful if you agree. Have a nice day and happy blogging OR u may do a craft using pumpkin insyead of a recipe..looking forward 🙂

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