How to Sell Merch as a YouTuber

How to Sell Merch as a YouTuber

Selling merch is an interesting journey for YouTubers. After creating a channel and having many subscribers, you will look forward to monetizing it. Your audience is looking to connect with your brand.  Selling merchandise is one of the best ways to diversify your income. It is now easier to create and sell merch on YouTube. Here are some of the smart ways to sell merch as a Youtuber. These ideas apply to content creators who want to start selling their merch. 

Decide the merch to sell

Some YouTuber merchandise examples include t-shirts, stationery sets, stickers, bags, and phone cases. You need to offer marketable designs and products. Keep your product ideas authentic and relevant. Your brand should always make sense for the channel. Ask your audience what their interests are. This will increase engagement and boost sales from the beginning.

Even with great ideas, start simple. Give the audience something that will solve their problems. This is a sure way to win. After having a merch presence, try some intricate ideas. In the beginning, stick to simple saleable ideas. 

Use a suspension and anticipation strategy to trigger interest among your audience. If you have many ideas, release them in bits. Let your audience know that something is coming soon. Being authentic in your brand is an important element of success. Create relevant designs and give your subscribers what they are looking for. Keep the process fun and exciting as you keep growing your offering. 

Decide the best time to begin selling

The best time to start selling depends on the types of products you want to sell. You may not start selling after a particular number of videos or after hitting a particular number of subscribers.

Each YouTube channel is unique. As such, there is no standard formula for determining the best time to start selling your products. However, you need to ask yourself whether your audience is engaged. Having so many subscribers is not everything. If they are engaged enough, you can start selling the merch. You can gauge the level of engagement from the number of likes and comments. 

Other questions to ask yourself are:

  • What is the strength of your brand?
  • What can the product do for the audience?
  • What are your brand goals?

Using print-on-demand merchandise providers may help you to cut initial selling costs. Make a selling decision wisely and avoid overthinking. 

Promote your merch

Your YouTube subscribers want to see what you are offering. One of the best ways to promote is by creating relevant videos about your brand. Remember to wear your Mato and Hash custom embroidered merch in all the videos. Create short videos promoting your custom products. This is a great way to educate your audience about the brand.

Engaging your audience is also a good way to promote your brand. Fan shout-outs and relevant giveaways could help to build a community around your products. An interesting way to do this is to ask your subscribers to wear the merch and post their photos on social media. They can post on Instagram and then hashtag your YouTube channel. Using this strategy together with rewards could lead to success.

Post some simple ways for fans to buy the products. The channel description of your social media channels could allow the audience to find merch easily. If you are selling custom products, it will be easier to increase your sales at the beginning. Use Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to supplement your YouTube presence. 

Use Merch Shelf

Merch Shelf is one of the most functional features of YouTube. It is an automated carousel that showcases branded merch on YouTube videos. This feature displays up to 12 items on a computer and 3 on mobile. You must meet certain eligibility criteria to use this feature. 

The requirements are as follows:

  • You must be in a country with the YouTube Partner Program
  • Your channel must be approved for monetization
  • For a music channel, make sure it is an Official Artist Channel
  • Your audience must be making adult-based content. This helps to avoid cases of “made for kids” videos.

Before using the Merch Shelf feature, read and understand all the requirements. The Merch Shelf is an important feature for brand promotion. When waiting for approval, explore other ways to start promoting your brand.

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