How to Relieve Anxiety Using Honey

How to Relieve Anxiety Using Honey from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Do your motherly duties cause you to feel stressed out all the time? This is a very common struggle, y’all, as children are expensive and have a lot of needs. You wake them up for school, get them dressed, take them to school and after-school activities (or assist them with e-learning at home), and get house chores done during the day. You might put self-care on the back burner because it seems too expensive and you don’t have time. However, adding honey into your lifestyle is a cheap and effective way to relieve stress. Here are some suggestions about how to relieve anxiety using honey.

Kick start your day with honey in the morning

In the morning, you might feel a combination of grogginess and overwhelmed, thinking about all the tasks that the day demands. While coffee sounds like a great cure for this (and it can be), adding some honey to your food can help reduce your blood pressure. Lowered blood pressure is a sign of reduced stress. By adding honey to toast, your morning will become a little bit sweeter. Just the right amount of honey will help you become comfortably full and feel motivated to start the day. There are many different types of honey you can add to your favorite breakfast foods and drinks.

Include honey with meals during the day

By adding honey to your food, you will enjoy the sweet taste and reap the health benefits from antioxidants. If you cook something that turns out bland (it happens to all of us), honey will also add some flavor. You can also simply eat a spoonful of honey in addition to your meal to get the sweet benefits.

Create your own face mask with honey

Stress can create worry lines. If you are concerned about this, adding honey to your face mask can help a lot. That’s because honey tightens your skin. While honey is sticky by itself, combining it with other products to make a face mask will change the texture. You can also add honey to other skin products, such as body wash and moisturizing cream. If you use a face mask with honey before you go to bed at night, leave on for 20 minutes, then rinse, you will wake up feeling and looking refreshed.

These are just a few suggestions about how to relieve anxiety using honey. Hopefully, these suggestions will help you get through your days and complete tasks smoothly.

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