How To Make Your Teen More Comfortable With Braces

How To Make Your Teen More Comfortable With Braces

Braces are uncomfortable, unsettling, and frustrating, but sometimes, there is no way around them. I had braces as a teenager, and it was a difficult experience. Many teens avoid braces because they aren’t comfortable with the process. If y’all want to help your teens adjust, learn how to make your teen more comfortable with braces.

Try Invisalign

With traditional braces, your teen will need to avoid certain food, keep their bands intact, learn how to floss, and more. However, many teens prefer to use Invisalign instead of traditional braces. Invisalign can make the process much easier to handle. The best way to decide if these braces will work for your teenager is to compare the pros and cons of Invisalign for teens.

Explain the Process

If your teen doesn’t know what is going on, acquiring braces can be an uncomfortable experience. If y’all want to make your teens feel more at ease, explain the process to them. When I was a teen, I was extremely nervous about getting braces until the orthodontist explained the process to me. Ask the orthodontist to explain the process thoroughly to your teen so that they know what to expect.

Set Expectations

When learning how to make your teen more comfortable with braces, you must remember to set expectations. Braces are a huge responsibility, so you’ll need to set expectations with your teens. When y’all set expectations, be sure to help your teen with any difficulties that arise during the process.

Offer Assistance

I never asked for help as a teenager and only accepted assistance when someone offered it. I’m sure y’all know that teenagers can be stubborn and want to solve everything on their own. However, it’s best to offer your assistance every once in a while in case they need help. Braces can be tough to maintain and painful to endure, but a helping hand can make a significant difference.

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