How Not to Deal with Stress

How Not to Deal with Stress from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Stress can come in a variety of different forms, such as a demanding work schedule, hectic homelife, grief, or caring for an ill loved one. As a result, there might be certain habits you adapt to take control of your stress levels.

Unfortunately, there are some coping methods which don’t help and only exacerbate your problems or could lead to further issues that can affect your quality of life. To ensure you don’t make the wrong decision for your lifestyle, find out how not to deal with stress.

Drinking Alcohol

Many people pick up a glass of wine or a bottle of beer to “take the edge off,” and can soon come to rely on alcohol to wind down after a busy day. Alcohol can, therefore, become their crutch during times of stress, which can lead to a challenging and damaging situation. If you find you are turning to alcohol to cope with life, it could lead to an addiction that can impact every aspect of your life, such as your health, job, and relationships. If you are struggling and need somewhere to turn for help, find out more about rehab facilities in Colorado.


While the majority of people are well aware of the negative impact of smoking, many still choose to puff on cigarettes, as they believe the myth that it can relieve stress. In reality, it can do the opposite, as nicotine can actually increase tension and anxiety, meaning it can make you feel worse. Many people believe it is helping to relieve their stress, but the addiction means people will rely on the cigarette to maintain a normal mood. So, smoking can make a person feel “normal.”

Emotional Eating

If you’re struggling with a breakup, nervous about a meeting, or upset over bad news, you might be tempted to overindulge in your favorite foods. However, eating away the pain of unhealthy foods can increase a person’s blood pressure, which can make a stressful circumstance even more stressful. Stop overeating and enjoy a healthier diet; you’ll feel better for it.

Ignoring Your Problems

Avoiding and ignoring your emotions and problems is an unhealthy coping tactic. That’s because the stressor will never leave you, so it will consume your life, even when you try to pretend it isn’t there. For example, if you have a bill that’s mounting with interest each month and choose to ignore it, the repayment fee will spiral out of control. Yet, if you ring up the borrower and attempt to renegotiate the bill, you could make affordable repayments each month until the debt is cleared, and can remove the stress from your life altogether. Stop practicing avoidance and proactively take back control of your life.

Lounging Around

Many people want to lay on the couch and avoid the world when struggling with stress, but this can only increase your feelings of depression. While you might think that not washing, dressing or moving will help your body to relax and repair; it can make you feel unhappier and unhealthier. Stop lounging around and attempt to bounce back from stress through positivity, motivation, and a more active lifestyle.

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