How Much Do Trampolines Cost? Know The Answer

How Much Do Trampolines Cost?Know The Answer from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

How much do trampolines cost?  If you’re buying a trampoline for the first time, you might be puzzled how much you must be spending on one. And just like buying anything such as a home appliance or gadget, they vary in prices based on certain factors like size and features.

Choosing a trampoline for your family needs some research. It is a tough decision to come up with what will really give you the satisfaction you’re looking for.

One of the most significant factors to take into consideration is your budget. However, this budget must let you buy a trampoline with top quality.  

Quality trampolines are durable, safe and well constructed. They’re the better choice versus cheaper ones because they won’t require replacement after a couple of uses.  

Also, you don’t have to spend money on repairs that you would otherwise have to keep up with should you get a cheap trampoline.

With high-quality trampolines, you and your loved ones will have a great time jumping and playing on it. Also, a quality one will allow you to stay fit because jumping on it is an excellent way of burning calories.

What is the average cost of trampolines?

As said, they vary in prices based on factors like size and features. But then, you cannot expect to get a high-quality product for a cheap price.  In the end, you will be frustrated to find out it won’t last long.

At the very least, trampolines’ price is between $300 and $400 for a common 14 and 15 feet circular models. However, it is the cost for the trampoline alone excluding any safety accessories or equipment.

On the other hand, rectangular models tend to be pricier than the circular types are, depending on the brand.  

And if you would like to get a rectangular or a square one, you can expect to spend at least $600.

But if you’d want a trampoline with an enclosure, you might have to buy yours from a specialty manufacturer and spend a little more, typically around $800 to $1200.

For higher-end models, you might have to spend a little more than $1500.  In general, you’d be spending more if you would like to buy a model with additional accessories and safety features.

In addition to the quality, the price of a trampoline will also change based on the features that it has.

Most models now do not include a safety enclosure as a part of the price.  In this case, you might have to buy it separately to ensure the use of safety of your trampoline.


Its cost will also go up based on the accessories included in the purchase. A few of these will include,

·        Ladder

·        Stakes

·        Games like a basketball hoop

·        Cover

·        Surrounding mat

·        Spring cover

Trampolines don’t usually come with these parts, so you need to spend on them separately.  

Without even saying, accessories are another factor to affect the cost.   So in comparing your options, you should find out what to expect to avoid any frustration.

Style and size

As mentioned earlier, rectangular ones are more expensive because they’re designed for the pros like gymnasts. 

On the other hand, circular ones are common for recreational use.  You can often find them in backyards.  And with the more demand, supplies are abundant. Prices are lower, therefore.

Now, you probably have an idea on how much do trampolines cost.   Weigh your options on the well.  Do not go for the most expensive one just because it has all the bells and whistles but which you do not need. The same goes for a cheaper trampoline.  Don’t buy one just because it is the most affordable, but then also less durable. At the end of the day, strike a balance between price and quality when choosing among the best trampoline brands.

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