House Projects You Should Complete After Moving In

House Projects You Should Complete After Moving In from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom


Moving into a new home is an exciting milestone in your life. It’s a chance to create new memories with your family and make this space your own. Unless you built a brand new home, there are house projects you’re going to want to complete as you get settled and after you move in. It’s your chance to make your property more attractive and comfortable for you and your loved ones. It’s a wise idea to start a checklist of to-dos and then put them in priority so you can plan and budget appropriately.

Dressing up Your Windows

Pay attention to your windows when you move in and take the time to make them look brand new. You may want to consider installing new window treatments if there aren’t any or they’re old and outdated. Furthermore, find window cleaning services in the area and have the pros come out to your property and give them a proper washing. Your home will be instantly more beautiful when you have windows that are free from dirt and grime.

Applying Fresh Paint

You should also take a look around and figure out which rooms need a fresh coat of paint. The current color scheme may not be conducive to how you want your home decorated. Therefore, spend some time picking out attractive paint colors and freshening up your walls. Paint can go a long way in helping your home to look more modern and appealing. It’s even a project you can do yourself if you want to save money and like a DIY challenge.

Minor Fixes & Repairs

After you move in is also an excellent time to fix or repair anything that’s broken and not working correctly. Take a look at your inspection report and start with the essential items like plumbing fixes on the list. You not only want to make your space more pleasant to live in, but you also want to avoid small problems turning into more significant issues and focus on creating a safe space for your family.

Clean or Replace Floors

Another housing project you should complete after moving in is to clean or replace worn-out and mismatching floors. It’s possible you have outdated flooring that’s scratched up or doesn’t look right in your home or with your décor. Consider refinishing hardwood, cleaning your carpets, and replacing old styles with more current options such as luxury vinyl planks. Think about cleaning your carpets before moving in, so this is already done when you bring in your furniture.

Furnish Your Rooms

Finally, you can make your new house a home and create a wonderful family living space by spending time furnishing it. Take inventory of what you already own and which pieces you’ll need to purchase or build yet to complete each room. Be open to arranging and rearranging your pieces from what you had in your old house for a completely new look and feel. You can always shop consignment stores, build your own furniture, or paint old pieces if you’re looking to save money on this project.

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