4 Ways To Keep Your Bills Down

4 Ways To Keep Your Bills Down from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Having kids is no cheap expense.  What starts as a few creams and some diapers soon turns into sports uniforms, yearbooks, overpriced toys they want for Christmas, and eventually, college tuition. In order to afford it all in today’s economy, it’s important to make adjustments wherever you can.  In order to keep your expenses down to be able to support your family comfortably, try the following tips to ensure that you don’t have sky-high bills each month.

Conserve Energy

It can be easy to fall into bad habits like leaving lights on or running the hot water just a little longer than you should.  When you aren’t keeping a close eye on your energy consumption you run the risk of your bill is considerably higher than it would be if you were attempting to be more economic.

Many people only associate their energy consumption with how much they turn the lights on, however, don’t forget that climatization plays a big role in your monthly bill.  This means every time that you turn on the air conditioner on a hot day, or turn the thermostat on to keep you warm at night, you are consuming a pretty high amount of energy. Try to grab a sweater or turn on a fan before you reach for your thermostat. Your bills will thank you later.

Shop During Sales

Rather than going shopping during periods of high demand, try to do your shopping when there are sales.  This may not always be convenient and may require some organization on your part, however, in the long run, you won’t just save more money, but you’ll get to avoid large crowds and stressful environments.
The convenience of being able to shop online also makes this easy since you can sign up for updates of when your favorite websites are having a deal.  Without ever having to leave your home.

Keep An Eye On Your Subscriptions

It can be easy to fall into subscription traps.  Whether it’s a channel package on cable, a gym membership because you promised yourself you’d get in shape this year, or a magazine that goes straight into the bathroom the minute it arrives.

Try to take a look at your monthly subscriptions and recurring payments coming out of your bank account and ask yourself if they are really necessary. By making cuts where you feel is necessary, you’ll find that you can save hundreds a year for getting rid of things that you didn’t even use.

Pay More Than The Minimum Due On Loans

It may seem counterintuitive, but if you pay more on your loan payments which are due, you will save more money in the long run. Paying off your loans sooner than later will save you lots of money on interest.

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