Hint to Eliminate Mice Without Exterminating

Mice are the misery behind thousands of our home lives. They get in somewhere, so you block the entry. Then they get in somewhere else, and you think you’re done after that, but then they have their litters in your house, and then it’s mice forever.

You don’t have to stand for it – not even if you don’t have the heat to bait or trap. Instead, consider using some of these natural mice removal alternatives which should help you control that pest problem.

How to Get Rid of Mice Humanely

If you want to get rid of mice without killing them, here are some things you can try.

Consider Hiring a Professional

When you want to get rid of mice, you want to do it quickly and efficiently. You don’t want to kill them, but you aren’t a trained expert and things can go wrong. A professional will come to your home, remove the mice and the source of your mouse problem, and leave you pest-free. IT might take more than one trip, but they’ll get it done. Otherwise, you will be battling these mice adversaries for eternity.

Remove Their Food Source

If you can either remove what they are eating or how they are getting to that food, then you can control both the population and the presence of mice in your home. They don’t go where they can’t eat. Double up on security in the kitchen cupboards and have a strict no food upstairs rule. You should also clean up any spills as they happen.

Obstruct their Passages

Mice tend to memorize the way through scents and by leaning against walls. If you can interrupt their passageways, they might well lose the ability to find your kitchen again. Changing the scents, putting barriers in the crawl space, and generally interrupting their movements can help control a mouse problem. 

Destroy their Breeding Grounds

Again, rats tend to breed in the same places of your house over and over again. If you see mouse babies, you have hit the jackpot. Placing deterrents here, changing scents, stopping them from reaching the area – all of these can help control the mouse problem in your home. 

Maintaining Mouse Control

If you had mice, and you used the above methods to get rid of them, you can’t just relax the rules when the mice are gone. They will be back. They have you in their sights as a potential food source to be checked on once in a while. If they find you forgot to pick up scraps behind the fridge, or that your toddler left toast under the bed, they will find it, they will eat it, and they will multiply.

To maintain your control over the mouse world, be sure to regularly check their hangouts, keep food controlled, and don’t let waste build-up. Don’t let them back in once you have control. Once on the menu, always in their minds.

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