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Why do children love Christmas so much? Well isn’t obvious isn’t it? The presents, the food, the family coming together – this day is centres around everything they love. It is important, therefore, to make Christmas memorable for them, whilst they are still young enough to believe in the stories, which surround the holiday.


These days, children are younger and younger when they discover that Santa isn’t real and this sadly ruins the magic of the time and takes something away from the festivities.


Parents work so hard to create stories about Santa for their children, so they get really excited and truly enjoy the day. Some people argue we are lying but I think it’s about allowing children to be children and encourage their imaginations and fill their minds with wonder.


As Christmas approaches there are a number of activities that will help give little ones a truly festive experience, in particular a trip to Santa’s grotto. is passionate about Christmas and has a lot of information about different events and spectacles perfect for children and adults.



Seeing Santa brings the ideas to life and creates a new reality for children, as they are able to see exactly what it is their parents have been telling them about. Obviously, children visit Santa to provide him with the list of gifts they would like to receive but they are also able to experience the real delight of the festivities.


Forgetting the religious connotations for a second, the epitome of Christmas, the figure that really represents the holiday is Father Christmas. In all his glory, his red suit, his long beard, his reindeers and little helpers, he is the thing that we thing of the most as children when any mention of Christmas is made. The idea of Mr Claus combined with the tree, the decorations, the food and the presents makes this time of year so special for children and their reactions and anticipation along can reignite the festive feeling in the adults around them.


We are constantly reminded of the commercial value of Christmas and the festive period yet little mention is made to the true spirit of Christmas, by encouraging children to become really involved in the season, they will forever be traditional and passionate in their own celebrations. We can use the younger generation o reignite the passions past for Christmas. Allow them to go head first into the excitement and the anticipation and give them a hand on the way by taking them to see Santa because ultimately, to children, he is Christmas.


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