Get Your Guest Room Ready for The Holidays

AFM Guest room

The holidays are right around the corner and with that come house guests as well. Here are some things to make sure that your guest room is ready for the expected and the unexpected company.

  • It all begins with the best mattress like a Tempur-pedic. Then make sure that you layer blankets and comforters so that your guests can sleep in the way they are accustomed. For me I would want extra blankets to cuddle under but my husband would want less blankets. So having extra on hand will help to accommodate any of your guest’s preferences.
  • Make sure that the windows are properly covered. We all want our privacy don’t we?
  • Add a chair if you have some space that way your guest can go back to their room to read a book sitting up instead of lying down on the bed. Also this will give them a quiet space to work on their laptop of they need to, you know some people have to work over the holidays because of deadlines. Also make sure to have a flat cleared surface as well.
  • Make sure there is enough lighting for them to read. Consider investing in a reading lamp for your guest room.
  • An alarm clock would be a great addition to a guest space as well.

Here are some other suggestions to add to make your guest room even cozier. Most of the items you can pick up throughout the year at sales, thrift stores and yard sales. So here is a shopping list for you.

  • Tissues
  • Garbage cans
  • Extra hangers for the closets
  • Towels
  • Mirror
  • Two small baskets – one can be filled with snacks and the other with toiletries that most people forget to pack. This could be where all those freebies and samples that we send for throughout the year can go. You can buy some very pretty baskets at the dollar store as well.

Most of these items can be found at the Dollar Store. If you follow these tips than your guests will be comfortable and may never want to leave. LOL

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