Get the Alexa Chung Look for Less

Alexa Chung is an upcoming style icon. I love her style. She has an awesome style. I love how she can look elegant yet be casual at the same time. Her style is simply chic and unique. If you aspire to be just like her, here are some tips that will allow you to get the Alexa Chung look for less. First, shop clearance racks. I have found so many awesome deals by scourging the clearance racks. For example, I recently had to buy a dress for myself for Mikaela’s Quincenara in March. I had received several gift cards from Belk’s for the Christmas. So one Sunday afternoon, my friend Beth and I went shopping. I found an awesome $200 dress. Now the dress was $200 but it wasn’t what I paid for it. The dress had tons of discounts on it. First it was marked down to $100, then I received an additional percentage off of that all in all I paid $42 with taxes for the dress that is a savings of $159 dollars and I used the gift cards so it was nothing out of my pocket. Shopping clearance racks will get you that look that you want to achieve.

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