5 Ways to Prevent Mainline Clogs

5 Ways to Prevent Mainline Clogs by North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

If you are lucky enough to live in a new home, you will not face this problem. But if you are currently living in an old house where you are stuck with bad plumbing, then you know exactly how it feels to have a clogged main line.

You suddenly notice that the water just won’t go down the drain when you take a shower. Then you notice the same on the sinks on the same side of the house. This is usually due to the clogging of the main pipeline of the house. This can be a serious plumbing issue. Here are five ways you can prevent it –

  1. Remove the trees

Sometimes the roots of trees cause problems in the pipe. If you notice that the problem persists even after repeated repair, check whether there are any trees on that side of the house. It has been seen that palm trees cause the most problems. It is better to uproot the trees than continue spending money on repeatedly repairing the clogged pipes.

  1. Treat the roots

If you do not want to cut the whole tree, you can use root killers. Use these during winter and spring, right when the roots form and enter the drains. These products prevent the root of the trees from growing, but they do not affect the overall growth of the tree.

  1. Check What Goes Through The Kitchen Drain

The experts from citydrain.co.uk suggest that the easiest way to check a mainline clog is to keep a check on what you put down your kitchen sink. Try avoiding fibrous things like rice, chicken and fish carcass. You should also throw potato and onion peels, celery into the trash. Have a small trash can near your sink and throw the leftover in it.

  1. Don’t Let Hair Go Down The Bathroom Drain

Hair is one of the reasons why the mainline gets clogged. Avoid hair from passing down the drain by installing a hair catcher or simply throw the hair from your brush into the wastebasket. You should also avoid dental floss and plastics from passing through the bathroom drain.

  1. Use Enzymes To Clean The Drain

You can use different types of cleaning agents and agents available in the market to keep your drain clean. These enzymes eat away the gunk in your pipes keep them free and clean and prevent clogging. Use them at night; let them stay overnight before you use the pipes again. Do this at least once a month, all over the house to keep your pipes clog-free.

These small little measures can go a long way in helping you keep the drains in your pipe healthy. Some of these things can be taxing, like remembering to put enzyme, but if you set aside a day every month to do these, you will not need to spend money and call in experts to unclog your drain. They say prevention is better than cure and it sure is a lot less expensive.

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