Fall and Winter Efficiency Tips

Fall and Winter Efficiency Tips from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

When the temperatures are at their extreme, our energy consumption always goes up. During fall and winter, we need to escape from the tormenting cold but typically our methods of escaping the cold utilize inefficient appliances which can cause your fall and winter bill to increase drastically. Here are a few fall and winter efficiency tips for staying warm:

1. Do Some Repairs

Check for damages or cracks to your roof, walls or window panes. If any of these areas are damaged or not sealed correctly you could be wasting a substantial amount of energy. Allowing outside air to enter your home will cause your HVAC unit to work harder; increasing your cooling costs in the summer and your heating costs in the fall and winter

For minor repairs check for DIY tips on how to repair these areas yourself but for larger repairs you might want to call a professional.  Once the repairs are completed you should make it a point to assess the repairs and cross-reference it with your utility bill to see if there was a change. You might be surprised at the impact of those “small” repairs.

Another repair that can cause a significant decrease in your utility bill is upgrading your windows to double or triple-glazed ones. Most conventional windows use single-panel glasses, which allow heat loss. You can identify whether your window is energy-efficient by looking at whether it has an energy star label. 

2. Use Automation

The Internet of Things (IoT) has made life more bearable by bringing the concept of connected gadgets. It is what we refer to as automation. Here, home appliances are connected to devices to allow control from wherever you are. 

One of the most outstanding features in automation is sensors. Activate them on your heater so that when no activity is sensed in the house, the heater automatically switches off. If you leave the house, you can set your heater to switch on a few minutes before you get home. This control helps in regulating your BGE electric rates and prevents huge power expenses.

Apply this technology in your home for your air conditioning, lighting, water pumping and heating, and sprinkling. You can set these appliances to specific limits and allow notifications on your gadgets. Because everything is connected to your device, you do not have to move from place to place regulating their energy consumption. Instead, control them from your comfort.

3. Keep Warm

Fabric can be used in warming many areas of your home, you included. Instead of relying solely on electricity, substitute it with warm materials. Use rugs on your floor. They help to keep cold away from your feet and protect appliances that may be affected by the cold. Fluffy rugs are warmer and can help in adding décor to your home.

Additionally, put on warm clothes and socks. They are a better alternative to heating your home with electricity. They are also cozy and affordable. When you go to sleep, use warm blankets and flannel sheets to keep warm instead of a heater. They help in improving the quality of sleep since they do not produce any sound as most heaters do.

Take warm food and drinks. Now is not the time to frequently indulge in ice-creams. The weather is already cold, and it will only be fair to your body when you treat it with warm items. Because the demand for frozen items will be below, it will help in reducing power consumption by reducing the degrees in your refrigerator.

We cannot forget to take advantage of the sun during the day. Let the sun heat your house by opening blinds and curtains. When the weather starts getting cold in the evening, close your windows, curtains, and blinds. 

In Conclusion

Are you tired of spending too much on energy consumption during winter? Energy efficiency is all about how you take advantage of what is already available. It is cost-effective, and anyone can benefit from this plan. Consider using these tips and note the difference they will have on your energy bill.

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