Embrace The Spring With A Home Makeover

Embrace The Spring With A Home Makeover from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

As Spring lands, it gives us all the perfect opportunity to add some brightness and vibrant energy into our homes. After all, winter can be rather gloomy, to say the least, so it makes sense to add a few small changes to your home that can make it better for the warmer months. Of course, the obvious place to start is by switching up the color scheme. 

Some of the best colors for the spring months include light pink, baby blue, lemon, and mint green. Pastel shades look beautiful, and there are many different ways you can work these colors into your home in a sleek and stylish way. 

You may even want to look for paints that have special effects, such as crackled or two-toned paints. This is entirely possible with Real Milk Paint, which is a unique paint that is sold as a powder, with you simply needing to add some water to it before you use it.

There are many different ways that this paint can be manipulated so that you can create unique effects. Some of the different effects you can create include chipped, crackled, two-toned, washed/pickled, and distressed. 

If you have never heard of Real Milk Paint before, make sure you take a look at the infographic so you can discover everything you need to know about this unique paint, including the benefits associated with it and how to use it properly.

Infographic designed by: Real Milk Paint Co.

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