Drink More Water

There just don’t seem to be enough hours in the day to accomplish everything you need to do as a parent. Trying to integrate healthy habits into your family’s already hectic schedule can add even more stress. But when you make time for healthy habits, you’ll find yourself with extra energy, less stress and a greater ability to take on life’s challenges.

Getting healthy doesn’t happen overnight. Take your time, enjoy the ride, and make one small change at a time. Here is one habit you can easily fit into your routine today.

Drink water throughout the day.
You don’t hear it nearly enough, but water is an all-purpose wonder liquid! It’s great for your skin, digestive and circulatory systems, and can meet all of the body’s needs for liquid–all without piling on calories and sugar. If your family regularly experiences fatigue, the culprit could be poor hydration. Invest in some inexpensive, reusable water bottles of various sizes and colors for everyone in the family.

Encourage your family to sip water throughout the day. (With a bottle nearby, that’s pretty easy to remember.) You kids can even decorate their own bottles with stickers or other designs. If your family doesn’t like the taste of water, keep a supply of lemons, limes, or even oranges so they can add slices to their water. These citrus fruits will decrease bitterness, add some vitamin C and make drinking water more festive!


Join me in this challenge to drink more water. I find that when I am working it is easier for me to drink water but if I am home forget it,

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