Drain Claw Cleaning Your Drain The None Chemical Way

Dealing with a nasty clogged up drain and hate to use all those harsh chemicals. Looking for an environmental friendly way to keep those drains fear of all that hair. With three girls who all have long thick hair and a husband who seems to be losing more and more of his hair as each day goes by. Our drains are constantly clogged. There is an awesome new product on the market called the Drain Claw. This awesome new invention was developed by a real estate investor.It is like a hook for hair.

How does it work you ask? Why it is so easy to use you just simply insert the end of the tool into your drain opening at different depths while twisting to capture hair. Repeat at various angles to dislodge build up along the pipes. By slightly bending the tip you can use the drain claw like a mini rod to clean into the trap.

We tried it on our drains and look what we came out with.

Yuck Right!!!
Interested in finding out more about this awesome product visit The Drain Claw.
I received a sample of The Drain Claw for the purpose of this review. All opinions stated are mine. I received no monetary compensation for this review.

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