Did You Eat Your Veggies Today?

March is National Nutrition Month.  These tips can help you get the nutrition you need without sacrificing taste. Remember these tips:
  • Use fruits and vegetables in all their forms (canned,  dried, fresh and frozen) to control both your waistline and your budget.
  • Load up favorite foods with veggies or beans and learn how to swap high-calorie ingredients for lower-calorie versions. Examples: garden vegetable pizzas, black bean and corn burritos, and banana splits created with frozen yogurt.
  • Puree fruits like peaches and pears to make sauces. Drizzle sauces everywhere — from pancakes to poultry.
  • Don’t skimp on the whole grains. They’re surprisingly easy to add to your diet (popcorn, whole wheat pasta, brown rice) and have some big benefits.

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