…as long as they laugh at your jokes, of course!
How much time do you really spend with people a lot older than you? Aside from your parents, we’re betting not much. But an age gap in a friendship can help put problems in perspective, give you new insights into life’s passages—and, hey, maybe make you feel like a girl again! So when you want to start grousing about how so-and-so doesn’t seem to have time for you anymore, too busy with her husband, or new job, or ….
•pay a visit to an older relative—someone you might normally see only at family gatherings—and have a real conversation. If you need a starting point, bring a photo album. Then ask her to tell you a story you haven’t heard before.
•help an elderly neighbor surf the net or join Facebook. Or ask her to share a recipe, or even to describe the way your town used to be.
•start a book club for people of all ages. Choose a historical or multi-generational novel for an interesting discussion.
•You might make deep friendships, or feel connected to your family or community in a whole new way. And you might even learn to slow down!
—Adapted from Gill Hudson’s “Bridge the Gap,” Reader’s Digest United Kingdom

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