Common Mistakes Your Kids Make When Going Online

Common Mistakes Your Kids Make When Going Online

If y’all have children that are getting a little older, you’re likely going through the same struggle I am—you want them to use and embrace technology to learn about the world in a safe way. Unfortunately, the internet can seem incredibly complicated and scary, and you may not be sure how to keep them safe when going online. Continue reading if y’all want to learn about the most common mistakes your kids make when going online.

Never Logging Off

When children first get on the internet, it can feel as if they just entered a new world. Even if you place some restrictions on them, they can still access a vast amount of information they’ve never seen before. Even if they spend all their time watching Minecraft videos, they still feel like they’re doing something incredibly new, and that’s good.

However, this experience becomes less positive when kids become enraptured in their screens and never let go. Your children should have some time on the internet and their screens, but it shouldn’t take up their entire day. Limit their screen time and teach them the importance of managing their time, going outside, and communicating face-to-face.

Not Prioritizing Their Privacy

One common mistake kids make when they go online is that they’ll make accounts on different sites, whether on social media or for gaming, and they fail to make them private. For some, privacy isn’t the most significant issue if they only look at others’ posts or play single-player games; others want to post pictures and communicate with friends.

One effective way to protect your kid’s digital privacy is to teach them the importance of personal information and help whenever they create accounts. Always set their accounts to private and explore other options in the privacy settings when able.

Failing To Ask Questions

Another common mistake many children make when they go online, whether for the first or the hundredth time, is being too scared to ask questions. The internet, technology, and social media can sometimes be frightening or full of twists, turns, and surprises.

Be transparent with your children and encourage them to do the same so that if they have any questions or concerns about anything, you can help. You may need to field questions about anything they come across online, including:

  • Downloaded viruses
  • Pop-up ads
  • Confusing videos
  • Unwanted messages
  • Online bullying
  • Adult content

Any one of these can confuse your child, and you must instill in them that when they encounter these issues, you are the one that can help.

Your kids can make many mistakes when going online, but you can help guide them and teach them how to use the internet in a healthy way. I know y’all are good parents, and you want to give your children freedom, but you don’t want them to experience the consequences that can sometimes come with that. Communicate your expectations, and let your children know they are free and should regularly talk to you about any concerns they may have when they go online.

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