Common Female Fitness And Fat Loss Mistakes To Know And Avoid

Common Female Fitness And Fat Loss Mistakes To Know And Avoid from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

When it comes to female fat loss and fitness there are a few common mistakes that you may not know but make invariably. These are the mistakes that you need to avoid in order to achieve your fitness goals. With the innumerable and conflicting advice of the experts regarding fat loss, it seems to be more difficult to know what is right and which to follow.  And also you are left wondering if you should use supplements like over the counter Phentermine to help you obtain your goals.

Typically, when you come across these terms like ‘weight loss’ and ‘fat loss,’ like most of the people you may visualize a plate full of leafy greens and perhaps a few pieces of steamed and unseasoned chicken! 

Well, this is not true and shows how very little knowledge you have regarding exercise physiology and nutrition. With such little and wrong knowledge, it is natural that you will seriously reconsider reexamining your fitness goals of losing fat and leaning out.

Wrong expert advice 

There are lots of ‘fitness experts’ out there! All of them claim that their training methods and nutrition advice are the best as compared with another such expert, leading you to a confused state.  

Since all experts are not created equal, you will need to choose the right advice and follow it to achieve your fitness goals. It is just like:

  • Choosing the right pair of shoes that fit your feet or 
  • The right dress that fit your body contour or 
  • Even choosing the right bra for that matter. 

However, to choose the right pair of shoes and dress you can try it on to check its fit and for a bra, you can use a bra size calculator accurate, but when it comes to choosing the advice of a fitness expert trying it out may prove to be costly. You will have done enough damage to your body and muscles by the time you find out that you are following the wrong advice. 

The best way to avoid such dire consequences is to do extensive research before you choose a fitness expert, a training regimen and a fitness clinic.   

The nutrient factor

A lot of women also make a mistake while selecting their food. Once again they blindly follow the advice of the fitness experts, most of whom will suggest you eliminate macronutrient and add a supplement instead. Well, this will surely and miraculously make your lean and thin in a couple of days but that is in a negative way! There are more to know about these fat loss methods and fad diets before you choose one.

  • Such diet plans will cause a drop in water weight
  • Deprive you of a few essential nutrients that will provide the necessary fuel for your workouts and 
  • You will have those food items that you should not on the sly just to get the taste of it, and in the process fall back to where you started.

Therefore, stay away from any fancy marketing. None of these methods are sustainable and in most of the times, it will result in weight gain as opposed to weight loss.

Unintentional starvation diet

Perhaps the biggest lie about female fitness and fat loss is starving you to burn those fats. However, the truth about fat loss is that it is required to have a slight calorific deficit. Science says that:

  • You will need to cut down about 500 calories a day if you want to lose a pound of fat in a week
  • You will need to give up sugary drinks and foods from your diet and replace them with water.

That’s it! 500 calories and no more and no less! This will put things into the right perspective.

No matter what others say, there is really no need to cut down on your calories drastically and starve yourself because. 

  • This will eventually result in a complete shutdown of your body metabolism.
  • It will also make your body to cling on to any fat available anywhere in your body in order to respond to the need for body fuel.
  • It may even draw more energy from your heart in order to save its energy stores sensing that you are in a state of famine resulting in heart ailments and attack.
  • The tissues of your body will be broken down to maintain the muscle and when it reaches the extreme limit it results in the loss of muscle and water.

All these will give you a ‘skinny fat’ look instead of a lean appearance which is desirable.

Less is more

This is not in terms of food but in the amount of calories that you need to cut down. When you need to make adjustments in your calories, cutting down less is always more! In order to find out how much you should cut down on your calorie content, you can use one of the many formulae out there. You will then know how much calories you need each day

One easy way is to measure your body weight in kilograms, which is pounds divided by 2.2 and multiply the result by 38. From there you can reduce your calories by deducting 200 to 500 calories every two weeks or so. This is the correct and most sustainable way to lose fat as well as to ensure that you retain as much muscle as required while meeting your slight calorie deficit needs. 

Do not ever cut down important ingredients in your diet. Make sure that your diet provides the energy required to train intensely with or without weights or for your cardio sessions. The bottom line is you should never be starving when you are trying to lose fat.

Learning from your mistakes

The lesson that you learn from these mistakes is that you should never make fat loos more complicated than it really is. You will need to have a reasonable diet, follow proper weight training and cardio sessions, give adequate time for recovery and stress management.

Last but not least, remember that nothing will happen immediately. Trust the procedure and give time to your body to adapt to the new changes to your diet or exercise.

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