Choosing the Right Flight Instructor: Tips and Advice

Choosing the Right Flight Instructor: Tips and Advice

Flying is an amazing process that starts with selecting the right flight instructor. This is because the instructor that you select will determine not only the skills that you acquire but also the level of confidence that you will have when in the cockpit. This choice might be as critical as choosing between a particular model of an airplane. Knowledge and skill needs to be combined with being a good teacher and mentor.

Since this is a form of cooperation that may last for months or even years, the choice should not only be based on educational achievements. It is also about establishing rapport based on trust, respect, and mutual understanding.

Certification and Experience for a Certified Flight Instructor

A Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) is an extremely important part of your flight training experience. Certification establishes that the instructor has gone through comprehensive examinations and has adequate knowledge about flying and teaching methods. While selecting an instructor, you should verify his/her credentials and may also inquire about previous experiences with students in the level of training as yours.

Experience is the next factor to consider. Senior instructors with many flight hours and years of flying and tutoring may be able to impart knowledge that goes beyond the books. They are normally in a better position to break down and explain issues that may be tough to comprehend. However a good instructor is not only experienced, they also pay attention to whether or not the students are both challenged and supported during learning.

Assessing Teaching Methods and Temperament

Every Certified Flight Instructor has his or her own style of teaching. Some may prefer a strict adherence to lesson plans and lesson structures, while others may prefer a loose structure and change their methods according to the student’s progress and their understanding of what is being taught. Before enlisting the services of an instructor, it is crucial to address the type of teaching styles to expect. Try to attend one of their classes, or request for a trial lesson to observe if you are comfortable with the tutor.

Another critical factor is personality compatibility. You will be interacting with your instructor most of the time, and sometimes in conditions that may be very challenging. Seek for such values as patience, an ability to communicate well, and a good sense of humor. These can help enhance the learning process and the overall experience that you undergo.

Verify Safety Practices

When choosing your flight instructor, safety should always come first. Apart from confirming their certifications, ask them about their safety profile and how they handle accidents. A good instructor will not only be able to show you how to fly but also how to handle any risks that may come with flying.

Prospective trainers should be asked about their safety measures, or what they consider to be important safety precautions in training. Through this discussion, you will be able to learn about their professionalism and the measures they are taking to ensure their students are safe.


It pays to spend time on choosing a Certified Flight Instructor. You have to pay attention to their qualifications, years of experience, method of delivering lessons, character, and attitude towards safety measures. Also, remember, the right instructor is just one who not only teaches you how to fly, but also inspires confidence and a passion for flying.

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