Best Car Insurance Advice You Can Share With Your Teenager

Best Car Insurance Advice You Can Share With Your Teenager

When your teenager gets behind the wheel for the first time, you will have a lot of advice and instructions for them. After all, the leap is as big for a parent as for the young driver. You expect them to follow the rules, use common sense, and stick to speed limits. Simply speaking, you want your teen driver to be safe on the road. But one area most Canadian parents tend to overlook is car insurance. However, it is vital to give early education to kids so that they can handle coverage responsibly down the line. Here is the best car insurance advice you can share with your teenager.

Explain the significance of driver’s education

After your child is of the legit age, you must not let them hit the road right away. Explain the significance of driver’s education as it prepares them for safe driving with the best skills and awareness of the road rules. They can also breeze through the driving test to qualify for a license eventually. Most importantly, a safety training course gets them significant cuts on insurance rates. 

Educate about the right vehicle

The first time behind the wheel is thrilling for a teen, and they want to drive high-end and expensive vehicles to get a luxury feel. But they should have more realistic expectations, considering safety and budgets. Educate them about choosing a safe car that is easy to drive and limits accident risks. At the same time, remember not to hand over the old family car unless you are sure about its safety features. 

Give a lesson on insurance shopping

Although insurance shopping is a parental responsibility, it makes sense to give your child a lesson on it right from the start. The good thing is that you have plenty of providers to consider regardless of your location. If you live in Toronto, Get a Toronto Car Insurance Quote today from different providers. Compare rates and coverage to choose the ideal one. Involve your child in the shopping spree because it will make them wise enough to compare and shop themselves down the line.

Skip individual car and policy for now

As a new driver, your teen will surely want to own their own vehicle to get the feel of freedom. But skip the idea for a couple of years because an individual car for a first-timer will be far more expensive to insure. You can let them drive your car and insure them on your policy instead of a stand-alone policy. It may take some convincing to postpone the ownership decision, but the effort is worthwhile. The good thing about driving a family car is that the new driver is less likely to indulge in tricks.

Finally, defensive driving is the most valuable piece of advice you can share with a young driver hitting the road for the first time. It can prevent mishaps and keep the insurance rates lower in the long run. Once your teen develops the habit, they will practice a responsible approach on the road for a lifetime.

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