Beautiful Ways to Honor the Ashes of a Loved One

Beautiful Ways to Honor the Ashes of a Loved One from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

If you and your family have decided to cremate a loved one, you have different options to choose from. The final disposition means putting the deceased in their final resting place. Regardless of the choice you take, it’s essential to select a permanent resting place for the loved one’s remains. If you search for SmartChoice FS on the internet, you can see urns and display cases that are useful in keeping a dead loved one’s ashes. Aside from beautiful and intricately-crafted urns, here are different ways to honor a loved one’s ashes. 

Planting Ashes

If you want to remember your loved one as part of nature, you can now plant their ashes for memorial trees to grow. The tree will not grow because of the ashes. Instead, you can use a unique biodegradable urn to be placed in the ground. The soil and seeds are mixed on the top surface. A separate section for ashes is allocated underneath the surface. 

The seeds will grow in the soil, and as soon as they grow to a certain level, the roots will be spread down the buried ashes. That is where everything mixes together, and soon, you’ll have a tree planted for your loved one. 

Underwater Mausoleum 

There are underwater mausoleums where special urns are placed. These structures are similar to columbariums. Another way to achieve an underwater ashes display is to mix concrete with the ashes from the cremated body to make an artificial coral reef. 

These coral reefs will help in conserving and repairing the natural coral reefs by positively affecting the ocean’s natural habitat. As a way to honor your deceased loved one, you can affix a plaque to the artificial coral reef. 

Memorial/Cremation Jewelry 

If you want to always carry a small piece of a deceased loved one’s ashes, you can check out cremation jewelry. The designs for this jewelry include a locket-like interior space where you can place the ashes. There are also pendants, rings, and necklaces that can be used as cremation jewelry. You can even choose your style and metal for the said jewelry. 

You can check out SmartChoice FS for their collection of urn jewelry and keepsake urns. You can get inspiration from their designs, or better yet, you can purchase directly from them. 

Hand-Blown or Stained Glass Memorials 

Another great way of honoring the remains of your dearly departed is by storing their ashes in a glass pendant, orb, paperweight, or other ornaments. These are done by fusing ashes and glass permanently, and just like memorial jewelry, you can only encase a small part of the ashes. 

Hour Glass

Instead of buying an urn, you can opt for an hourglass to keep your loved one’s ashes. Hourglasses come in various colors, sizes, and shapes, and you can even mix colored sand with the ashes if you like. You get to decide the amount of ashes that will be stored in the hourglass. If you choose a small hourglass, you can place the remainder of the ashes elsewhere, such as in jewelry, urn, or glass memorials. 

There are many ways you can honor the remains of a loved one that passed away. The more important consideration is to determine which of these ways bring the most meaning to you and your family. These are just ideas you can get inspiration from.

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