A Quick Guide to Korean Makeup and Skin Care for Beginners

A Quick Guide to Korean Makeup and Skin Care for Beginners from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

They shine, they glow, they look so flawlessly radiant it’s almost unbelievable. Whether you believe it or not, though, the fact of the matter is that Korean beauty and skincare are enviable. Fortunately for you, it’s also actually pretty achievable. Before you go out to splurge on some good quality Korean makeup and skincare products, however, check out these nifty tips so you don’t get lost in the robust market out there.

Invest in Sunscreen

At the very core of their luminous, snowy white skin is sunscreen protection. This is a matter of health more than beauty care, actually, as it really is prescribed by dermatologists that you wear sunscreen every day for protection. The sun’s harmful rays not only can damage your skin, accelerate the development of wrinkles, and dry out the moisture, but they can also lead to serious skin diseases like skin cancer. Better safe than sorry! And make sure if you wear contact lenses like the ones from www.contactlensesplus.com you protect your eyes with sunglasses that have UV protection.

BB/CC Cream

When these products broke out in the market, there was so much hype surrounding it that it was difficult to assess whether they were really any good. Now that things have calmed down, however, it’s much easier to see why these two creams deserve to be a staple in your makeup kit. 

Take note of the difference between BB and CC creams. BB cream serves as a sort of lighter foundation, with extra skincare benefits added in, CC cream (aka color-correcting cream) helps reduce redness or add brightness to the skin as needed. 

Express with Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows are essential to Korean beauty. The way they do it is to fill in the outer shape of the brow with a gentler curve, closer to a straight line, using an angled brush and powder. Eyebrow mascara is then used to achieve a fuller look. This is in contrast to the Western version, wherein the brows are sharper in shape and have a high, thick arch. 

Bronze Over Contour

Another thing to note about Korean makeup is that they’re not all that big on heavy, dramatic contours. Instead, they would rather achieve natural-looking, full cheekbones, which they achieve using bronze powder. Apply on the hollow part of the cheeks, then blend in with CC cream to make it softer in appearance. 

Don’t Skip the Lip

Korean makeup and beauty are all about moisture, so of course, you should give the same to your lips. Gradient lipsticks are huge in Korea because of their dramatic effect, especially in amplifying the appearance of moisture towards the inner lips. Balms and gloss products are also must-haves. 

Rest and Recover with Mask Sheets

At the end of a long day, nothing could be more rewarding for your face than a cool and refreshing break with mask sheets. Said to be the holy grail in Korean beauty, wearing mask sheets daily is said to bring significant improvements to your skin. 

It not only helps your skin after taking off your makeup for the day, but it also helps bring back the moisture that your skin lost.

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