8 Easy Frugal Home Decor Ideas

8 Easy Frugal Home Decor Ideas from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Imagination is the key to a beautifully decorated home! Seriously, money can´t buy you originality or taste. So, instead of complaining about the lack of money for furniture, start expressing your creativity!

There are numerous ways to decorate your home the way you want without spending an entire fortune. Actually, you can save a lot of money if you know some basic, yet valuable tricks. That is why we have crafted a list of frugal home décor ideas so you can make your home shine again!

Move the furniture

So many benefits from simple moving! First of all, it is an excellent workout. You will burn calories and change the energy of your room. It may sound ridiculous, but when you rearrange the space you live in, you create new energy, and you can clean some negativity from the past. Maybe you will tear away some old, bad vibes.

Furthermore, you can finally clean the space underneath the furniture, which we know is very boring otherwise. And of course, the room will look renewed.


Is there anything more lovely than flowers? Seriously, you can create a completely different environment with flowers. It’s not only that they look fresh, they actually freshen the air as well! In addition to that the flowers that people often choose for their scents, such as roses, also help improve people’s mood and maintain a relaxed atmosphere thanks to their aroma therapeutic powers.

The great thing about flowers is that they come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. That makes them perfect for redesign your home interior.

Get a new rug

You should definitely purchase a new rug if you are up to redesigning. Choose a rug that complements the colors of your room’s décor. A patterned rug in bold colors might look right in a room with otherwise subdued décor, but a rug sporting neutral colors might look better in a more boldly-decorated room.

Buy new photo frames

The new photo frame is an inexpensive but efficient tool.Make a selection of few important photos and put them in the right places, and trust us your room will look completely different.

New curtains

Just like the eyes are a window to the soul, your windows are eyes of your home. They can look plain and simple or really add a special elegance to a room. This all depends on the type of window treatments you have in your home. They can be as elegant and extravagant or as simple as you like.

Curtains are easy to color coordinate and are more affordable than drapes and blinds. You can easily find a pattern and color that matches your home interior design. The options are endless if you use your imagination and creativity. There are so many amazing ways window treatments can enhance and refresh the look of your home. Consider them a long-term investment, because, if you do it properly you shouldn’t have to do it again any time soon.

Paint the walls

Beautifully painted interior is basically everything! Besides covering up unsightly stains and marks, paint can actually protect your walls from damage. Both your interior and exterior walls can suffer due to detrimental effects of weather and smoke. Give your home a healthy makeover with new paint to help control the progression of wear and tear.

A smart, cost-effective solution to raising the value of your home is to paint your exterior and interior walls. You’ll not only give your home a renewed look but also impress potential buyers who tour your house.

Also, you can use your imagination and bring your home a new look. By using personalized wall stickers, you can impress anyone. These stickers will give more uniqueness to your home, plus they are affordable as well.

Last but not the least – Candles

A candle of the right color can go with your home décor perfectly. For example, some tea candles around the bathtub or some scented candles in the bedroom. Additionally, they can smell really good, which is great quality so you can use candles for aromatherapy as well.

You can put tea candles and other small, decorative candles in groups that go up on the wall. These layouts can be really pretty, especially when paired with pictures and things.

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