5 Reasons Wearing Wigs Is Better Than Dyeing Your Hair

5 Reasons Wearing Wigs Is Better Than Dyeing Your Hair from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Wigs have been around for a long time. In fact, ancient Egyptians were among the first in recorded history to wear them. They used wigs to shield hairless, shaved heads from the sun, and the wealthier ones wore elaborate wigs for fashion and social status.

Nowadays, people use wigs and hair additions every day for many reasons. Wearing wigs has many advantages, and one of which is being able to change one’s hairstyle or color without your real hair changing in length or suffering from chemicals. While many people prefer dyeing their hair, they may not know of the several reasons wigs are a better option. If you’re curious, then continue reading.

Synthetic versus Human Hair Wigs

There is a reason only wealthy elites, aristocrats, and royalty can afford wigs in the past. In addition to being expensive and labor-intensive, wigs only used to be made with real hair. There were cheaper substitutes, like wool, palm-leaf fibers, and animal hair, but they couldn’t be styled elaborately according to what was in fashion in certain eras and cultures.

Thankfully, modernization has brought on the invention of synthetic fiber wigs, which are more affordable than human hair wigs. There are many wig types nowadays that cater to any budget, but you need to consider their specific pros and cons. For example, wigs made from 100 percent human hair may be pricier, but the cost is justified because they look more natural and effortless, as compared to shinier synthetic wigs.

Wigs Are Cheaper in the Long Run

They’re considered a luxury item, and even though some types cost an arm and a leg, wigs are cheaper in the long run. However, compared to monthly salon visits for when you need to dye or retouch the color on your hair, the costs will add up. You will also need to buy maintenance such as shampoo, conditioner, and hairstyling products.

Wigs can last a long time with proper care, and good-quality ones last even longer. When you factor the costs for both, you can see that paying for an expensive wig upfront is less expensive than dyeing and maintaining your hair.

Wearing Wigs Protects Your Natural Hair

More often than not, dyeing is harmful to your natural hair. Colorants contain chemicals like bleach to help lighten dark hair. This process can strip the hair dry and make it brittle, but it will make the colorant adhere better. While products like conditioners can help in making the hair less prone to breakage, there’s no doubt about the damage dyes can bring.

If you want to try out new styles or hair colors, wearing a wig can do that for you in an instant. You don’t damage your natural hair in the process, and you see the results right away.

Wearing Wigs Saves You Time

When you have dyed hair, you can no longer use hair straightening or curling tools willy-nilly with dyed hair. Therefore, getting ready in the morning takes longer for people with damaged hair because they need to apply products or do extra steps to take care of it. When you use wigs, you only need to worry about styling it after you put it on.

Gives You Volume

Not all people are born with thick and luscious hair. With wigs, you can achieve that and more. There are circumstances in which you or someone you know needs to wear a wig.

Conditions like alopecia and male pattern baldness are one of the many reasons why people wear wigs or hair additions. Those who are undergoing chemotherapy may need to wear one to hide hair falling out as a result of the treatment. Whatever the circumstances are, wigs provide both hair volume and head protection, and these benefits don’t come with dyed hair.

Great Hair Days Always

The most rewarding part of having a wig to wear is that it guarantees great hair days always. During those times when you don’t feel like spending hours styling your hair or you find out you can’t, you can plop a wig and go on your way. When you know how to put on a wig efficiently and learn how to make it look natural, you can kiss your bad hair days and botched dye jobs goodbye.

Do you agree that wearing wigs is better than dyeing your hair? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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