20 Best Birthday Party Themes Idea for Kids on any Budget

A themed birthday party is always an exciting way to surprise children. Sometimes you feel like celebrating on a large scale, and other times you just prefer a casual outing. We have you sorted no matter what your budget is. It’s best to become imaginative with your planning.
By the way, there are many tips to minimize your costs yet have a magnificent party. Here are 20+ party ideas to make your child’s birthday a memorable one.

10 Themes for Girl’s Birthday Party

20 Best Birthday Party Themes Idea for Kids on any Budget from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

1. DIY Cupcake

To have a cool party, give decorating supplies like icing, sprinkles, and candy to guests to design and personalize small cupcakes. You will surprise at several color and design of cupcakes that will be made. The kids will feel satisfied when they eat the cakes that they personally made.

2. Alice in Wonderland

You need more time to organize this. But it is sure to be super fun of all. Everyone can let loose and you can get inspiration from the oddness of the wonderland to design the venue.

3. Ballet Gala

This has always been a classic for kids. Think of arranging a private class for your kid and her friends at the ballet studio. Adults can also join in with their tutu. Wrap up things with cake for everyone afterward.

4. Fairy Princess Party

Crown your child as the fairy princess and don’t forget to dress her in costume with wings. Transform your home with shiny and bright ornaments to make it dazzle like a paradise.

5. Cozy Garden

If you have a big house, this can work out perfectly. You can use the front lawn, terrace garden or patio. It will be a blast with a fruitcake and floral outfits. Hang lanterns and items like twigs to make your garden look warm. Place a red rug on the floor. You are in luck if the party is in spring when the flowers are blooming and butterflies are flapping around. Choose a wood pattern for the cake. Lighten the mood in the evening with dimmed lights and soft music.

6. Sea Mermaid Party

When most girls watch Little Mermaid for the first time, they fall in love and aspire to be a mermaid. If your daughter love mermaids, make her dream come true and get her a mermaid outfit. Decorate the venue with different shades of purple and blue. Then get a cake with the same color. Serve a lot of seafood but make other food plans for the guests that might be allergic to it. You can even make a crown with seashells for the birthday girl.

7. Pinky

This does not mean that pink won’t work for the boys’ party but it is the most favorite color for girls’ party because it is a soft color that makes everything look cool and welcoming. Choose a light pink colored dress code and top off with a strawberry pink cake.

8. Unicorn Jubilee

Does your kid love bright and intense colors? Time to go all out – add as much color as possible. Serve cotton candy. Dress up in a sparkly dress and a unicorn horn. Don’t forget to let the kids hit the unicorn Piñata and get delicious treats like candy.

9. Movie Theme

Host a sleepover movie night for your daughter and her friends. They get to watch their favorite movies while munching on cake and popcorns. You can also decide to have a day party and design your venue based on the movie that she likes the most.

10. Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is a feline character known by most kids because the brand is popular all over the world. Get people to dress up as Little Kitties and play with the kids who will be bursting with amazement. Decorate in light pastels, red and pinks. Your centerpiece can be hello kitty toy with balloons tied to it. Provide kitty face masks for everyone to wear. Add extra fun by shaping snacks like the character’s head.

10 Theme Party Ideas for Boys

20 Best Birthday Party Themes Idea for Kids on any Budget from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

1. Construction Themed Party

Little boys enjoy playing with cars, trucks and other toys related to construction. Get construction caps as party hats and order a truck or caterpillar cake that works with the theme.

2. Minions Party

Minions are cute characters that have become well known ever since the release of “Despicable Me” movie. Surprise everyone with a minion cake. Suggest that the kids dress in yellow and blue outfits with small specs. Ensure your party supplies match the colors too.

3. Space Party Theme

You should seriously consider sending invites that you made from pictures of the solar system. Set the mood of the party with space music from star wars and dim the light of the room to highlight the glow-in-the-dark stars and planets.  You can also provide astronaut helmets or alien face masks for the kids to wear. You can let the kids play with space goo or stick a hat on the alien game. Serve foods in watermelon shell or planet shaped plates.

4. 100 Acre Wood Party

Pooh and his friends became a well-known character quite soon after the release of the movie. You can choose to design your home with teacups, honey jars, paper bee hives etc. Or you can decide to host your guest at a park or garden. Also, serve foods related to the characters like Eeyore’s cookies, veggies from Rabbit’s Garden etc.

5. Pirate & Sailor Aye Aye Party

For a brilliant themed party, you can choose to set up pirate ships and treasure hunts. The children will surely love to seek the treasures. Let the birthday be the captain to lead his friends to find the hidden treasures of sweets. A paper sword will help them on the adventure in your garden.

6. Circus Soiree Themed Party

The celebrant can dress up as a clown or you can hire a clown to do some tricks. Otherwise, everyone can act like the circus creatures while he gets the opportunity to act as the ringmaster.  Allow the kids to play games to win treats. A piñata with carnival treats will add more fun. Give guests cookie treats and animal balloons as party favors.

7. The Manly Lad Party

At times kids love acting like grown-ups. Just use everyday guys stuff like ties, briefcases and so on as party props. Give everybody a chance to try on counterfeit beards and mustaches.

8. Lego Themed Party

Lego squares are another fever that has got the kids today. Ensure everything is square shaped like Lego. Right from the cake, snacks to the games.

9. Sports Party

This is a simple party to organize. Depending on the sport that you chose, ensure the kids get to run around to burn off the excess cake that they consumed. All you have to do is to let the kids have a space to play a ball and you will have a match in no time.

10. Doraemon Theme

Organize a party based on this animation cherished by everybody. Order or make a big cake featuring the face of Doraemon. Also, supply face masks and play Doraemon music.

Extra Ideas

  • Opposite Escapade

Imagine your child is another age instead of the correct one. Position balloons in a topsy-turvy way and put icing inside the cake. Encourage everyone to dress in funky clothes.

  • White and Black Ball

Pretty easy to set up. Design the house with white and black accessories like balloons, tablecloths and so on. You will be amazed at how stunning it will end up.

  • Board Game Bash

If your kid does not like loud parties, this will be perfect for him/her. Place board games on different tables and deliver refreshments to the kids from time to time.

With all these amazing party ideas, the perfect theme is starting to grow in your mind, start making plans. Don’t forget to consider factors that might affect the party such as the number of guests, time of party (day or night), weather (rainy or sunny) etc. Lastly, remember to decide on a nice gift for the party guests. Have a Joyful celebration.

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