Home Matters Linky Party #48

home mattersWelcome to the weekly Home Matters Linky Party. A great place to come, share your blog posts, and make new friends. I have learned quite a few things from those that link up each week. I love all the ideas that are shared so keep sharing.  Home Matters Linky Party #48! Thank you so much for joining us for this last party of July 2015! We are always excited to see what you have to share with us at each party. Please invite your friends to party along! It is also a sad day here at Home Matters. Read more [...]

Overcoming Addiction Can Be Overwhelming

addiction As any doctor will tell you, most traditional methods to treat withdrawals from an addiction can come with risks. There are many symptoms to withdrawal here are just a few of what people who suffer from addiction can go through. muscle aches restlessness anxiety excessive sweating tearing eyes runny nose sleeplessness excessive yawning abdominal cramps nausea and vomiting rapid heartbeat diarrhea dilated pupils Sometimes the withdrawals can almost be as bad as Read more [...]

#WorkOutToWork With Paragon Sports

soaked in the rain "Cars are convenient, but sometimes driving all around town or figuring out how to avoid traffic on your way to work makes the drive more of a hassle than a convenience. Not only that, but the extra time spent commuting to and from work be exhausting. When arriving home after a long day, the last thing you want to do is get back outside and squeeze in a workout. " Have you ever felt like this? I know I have just the thought of being in heavy traffic makes my shoulder knot up in stress. So Read more [...]

#SweetSummerSnacks with Yoplait Original Yogurt (Money Saving Coupon Inside)

Yoplait Orginial Yogurt Now that school will be starting back in a few weeks, I have started to stock my kitchen pantry with easy items that my two younger girls can grab for breakfast as well as to take for lunch. We have the usual milk, bread, cereal, oatmeal, peanut butter and lunch meat (for sandwiches) but I always want to give them some healthy alternatives as well. So here are my top 5 things that I have in my kitchen for my girls to eat for breakfast, take for lunch or just to snack on anytime of the day. Granola Read more [...]

Summer is Made For Blue Bunny

ice cream blue bunny Summertime is winding down but that doesn't mean that you cannot still advantages of all that summer has to offer. Like walks in the park, trips to the beach, hanging out by the pool, taking in a local soccer game and anything else summer has to offer.  And what goes better with summer than ice cream? More importantly  Blue Bunny Ice Cream. Blue Bunny has such a variety that it is hard for me to choose just one flavor or kind. That normally results in us buying more than one carton or kind in Read more [...]

Puracyn Plus A Must Have For Your First Aid Kit

scraped kneeThis post is brought to you by Puracyn Plus. Imagine this, your child is playing on the playground and suddenly they slip and fall. They are okay but they do have a few scrapes and bruises. You look  and see no bathroom around so there is no place to get your child cleaned up. But then suddenly, you remember that you have some Puracyn Plus in your car. You carry it there for occasions like this one. What is Puracyn Plus you ask? Why it is the next generation of wound care. It is one the Read more [...]

How To Become A Better Athlete

IMG_2599  As many of you are long time readers, you know that two out of my three daughters are athletes. The oldest two fell in  love with the game of soccer and started playing when they entered high school. Playing sports not only made them get into shape but also spilled over into other parts of their lives. That got me thinking what actually makes one a better athlete. I did a little research and came up with a few easy ways to become a better athlete. Love of the sport. You first have Read more [...]

A Bit of Rough and Tumble (Drying)

sheets in the breeze Picture this — a lovely sunny day, your sheets serenely billowing in the breeze, little ones darting through the triad of tents your backyard now provides, the epitome of domestic bliss. You hear excited squeals drifting in, glance out the window and your heart sinks; not only has it started to rain, but one of your little angels now looks like they are preparing for Halloween early, sheet draped over their head, and dragging it through the mud. You stifle a sigh as you stuff your, now filthy, Read more [...]

Our First Gold Cup Experience #GoldCup2015

This the goalie after his hair cut.Last Wednesday, our family travelled to Charlotte to see our first Gold Cup game. As many of you know our family are big soccer fans and a chance to see the Mexican National Team play which has two of Mikaela's favorite players was just to good of a chance to pass up. We were able to snag tickets a while back because as season ticket holders for the Carolina Railhawks we were given the chance to order tickets before they went on sale to the general public and at a discount too. It was a no brainer Read more [...]

Carowinds Has Something for Everyone #LuvCarowinds

Carowinds Has Something for Everyone Whether you are a thrill seeker or just enjoy walking around and seeing the sights, Carowinds is a must have place to see. Recently my family and I visited this amazing Amusement park as part of the Caro-Bloggers program. As we walked around looking at the sights I was amazed with how beautiful and colorful the park really is.  The greenery and flowers are to die for. I can just imagine how many hours of manpower that are spent making this park so absolutely gorgeous. The colors of the amusement Read more [...]

Home Matters Linky Party #47

HMLP - Featured Image for Party (1)Welcome to the weekly Home Matters Linky Party. A great place to come, share your blog posts, and make new friends. Thank you for coming to link you. For those that come back week after week thank you and for those of you that are new, Welcome and let's start the party.  Home Matters Linky Party #47! Thank you for joining us for another wonderful week at Home Matters! We are so excited to have you here, and see what you have to share with us. Invite your friends to party along too! ... Lorelai Read more [...]

Exploring the Many Uses of Mason Jars

feature one for mason jars I have recently fallen in love with Mason Jars. I have always thought Mason Jars were just for canning but recently I have started using them for everything. That got me thinking about other ways that Mason Jars can be used. I reached out to several of my blogger friends and found several awesome ideas that I would like to share with you. You can use them as a centerpiece for a party like I did for Maddie's Graduation party. You can paint them gold and use them to hold flowers at a fabulous Read more [...]

Summer is About Pops of Color

shop nineThis post was created in partnership with eAccountable. All opinions are my own. Sometimes changing things up and giving a new fresh look to your space is as easy as adding a pop of color. Spending time entertaining or relaxing in your outdoor area should be a huge part of your summer days and nights. And nothing enlivens that outside living space like pillows. You can change the entire look with fun, modern, graphic, bold pillows that also add that touch of flair and comfort. Mix, match, play Read more [...]

Become A Designer with Cricut

cricut pineapple**This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking through my links. In the past I have told you about Cricut Explore One™, Cricut Explore Air™ and Cricut Design Space™, not the time has come  chat about some of the really neat things you can create when you put it all together. As you’re getting familiar with your Cricut machine, it’s a great idea to take advantage of the free Make it Now™ projects and images that you get with Read more [...]

A Birthday Week Full of Highs and Lows

Love seeing all these sets of feet together.This week has been filled with ups and downs but on the whole I could not have asked for a better birthday week. On Tuesday, I was invited to attend the preview dinner at Mesa Latin Kitchen. I decided to invite my friend Kathi along as we don't get together often. But somehow we always manage to get together around my birthday week. Go figure. We had a fabulous time and it was great to get away for a while and just forget about life. Then on Wednesday, we headed to Charlotte for the Gold Cup game. Read more [...]

Mesa Latin Kitchen A True Culinary Experience

Our table with the chef and the owner of Mesa Latin KitchenI was invited to be a guest at a preview dinner held at Mesa Latin Kitchen. However my love of the fabulous food is all my own. As you may recall this past Tuesday I wrote about the excitement and nerves that were setting in as I was venturing out of my comfort zone to try a new restaurant in that was so not like any place I had ever eaten at before. As I agonized over what to wear (often questioning does this outfit make me look fat?) I finally decided on the right one which go figure was the original Read more [...]

Home Matters Linky Party #46

HMLP - Featured Image for Party (1)Welcome to the weekly Home Matters Linky Party. A great place to come, share your blog posts, and make new friends. I am so excited that so many of you come back each week and share your amazing ideas. I am especially excited to because this weekend party happens on my birthday!!! Tomorrow I will having a party of my own. Home Matters Linky Party #46! Thanks for sharing a little of your summer with us, we love having you join our party! Bring a friend and share the fun! ... Lorelai at Life Read more [...]

Quick and Easy Homemade Blueberry Cobbler

quick and easy blueberry cobbler  Recently a friend shared with us some blueberries from her garden. Blueberries are a favorite of my whole families. You may remember a post I wrote about them awhile back. So when I got this yummy bag of goodness I could not wait to get in the kitchen and start making something with them. Cobbler has always been a favorite of ours. So I decided to make a cobbler that had very few ingredients. Luckily I had them all in stock, I didn't need to run to stores and I was able to whip up this Read more [...]

Easy Ways to Save Money on Beauty Products

beautyHere are some easy ways to shop for beauty products and save money. It is only a few of them, probably the best ones, but I believe it will help me and you all out, while keeping yourself in a budget while shopping. Try it together with me, and let’s see if it really works! Use Special Coupons One of the most common ways to save money while shopping is to shop along with coupons. No matter if you got them printed, or online, it will all work properly and will give great discounts. Also, it Read more [...]

A Way to Remember Your Loved Ones

perfect memorialAs many of you know my dad passed away in January. It was a loss that is felt everyday in my family. He was such a larger than life figure that it doesn't seem real that he has really gone. Within a  month from his death there were four major dates that we had to face without him. His birthday, Valentine's Day, My mom's birthday and my parent's anniversary. His death was not the first that we felt in our family as we lost my sister,Karen 20 years ago, when both my oldest sister Denise and I were Read more [...]