Home Matters Party 52

HMLP  - Featured Image - Birthday Edition 2015 ©Welcome to the weekly Home Matters Linky Party. A great place to come, share your blog posts, and make new friends. I am so excited to see what everyone is sharing. I love the new recipes I am finding here. Home Matters Linky Party #52! Thank you for joining us at this this week's party. We hit 600 links last week. Wow that is a new record. Thank you for returning every week and making this party a success. If this is your first time linking up with us. Thank you and hope you will come back each Read more [...]

Berlin for Kids!

berlin palaceBerlin is one of Europe’s most unique cultural capitals, and is becoming more and more popular with expats who flock here for the art, music, and important historical sites including the remnants of the Berlin Wall —a monument that now stands against division. Berlin is a fine city for anyone to visit, but it can be especially fun and rewarding to see with kids. Here are six activities that both you and your family will enjoy in the German capital on your Berlin breaks. 1. Explore by bicycle One Read more [...]

Are Leggings Underwear????

Leggings  I have found myself asking this question several times in the last few weeks? And it is not because I have nothing better to do it is because of dress code policy. I was told that leggings are considered underwear although Webster's Dictionary says that they are protective coverings for the leg. No mention of underwear there. I am very livid as one of my daughters has a health condition that she cannot wear anything binding around her stomach / waist area. Leggings are the only thing Read more [...]

A Fun Family Day At VIR

A FunMy family and I were invited to attend the Tudor United Sports Car Championship at the Virginia International Raceway this past weekend.  Hidden out in the Virginia countryside is a beautiful and majestic site. The Virginia International Raceway is a beautiful facility that looks more like a farm than a racetrack. My family and I were lucky enough to attend an event there this past weekend. This was the first road trip that we took in the "almost new" car. And it was a sweet ride according Read more [...]

Gourmet Gifter Yumminess In Your Mailbox

Gourmet Gifter Box Imagine getting a package of yumminess every month in your mailbox.  I know you are asking where do I sign up? But let me tell you a little bit about the program before you decide. Gourmet Gifter is the name of the program don't you just love it? I received my first box from Gourmet Gifter and I am totally in love. The Colby's Kettle Corn was my absolute favorite. I wish that there were more than one bag in the box. I have never tasted popcorn like this. Tasting sweet and salty at the same time, Read more [...]

A Great Way to Treat Osteoarthritis

Monovisc (4) To many people, osteoarthritis is nothing more than a disease affecting joints within a body. But, people suffering from this condition have much different perspective. Even though this illness is not life threatening, it can have a big impact on patient’s life. Lack of proper cure makes osteoarthritis that much worse. Osteoarthritis is a degenerative condition. It can affect any joint within a body but it usually affects hands, hips and knees. Physical therapy is the recommended procedure Read more [...]

How To Sell A Car

How To  Yesterday I let you know how not to sell a car, today I am going to tell you about the dealership that got it right. And in getting it right they also got a sale. When the customer drives onto the lot, you greet them and ask how you can help them? Not being pushy and trying to show them a car they aren't interested in. Answer your customers questions and when a customer tells you what they are looking for you listen. And offer to show them a car you just traded for. Offer to Read more [...]

How Not To Sell A Car

How Not To sell A car We have recently been shopping for a new "well not new but new to us" . I have come to the conclusion that there are a few car dealers out there that really don't want to sell a car. I didn't think that was possible, did you? I bet you think that all  sales people are alike and they all want to sell you something? But folks there are some that aren't. So here are a few ways to NOT sell a car. Pass perspective customers in the  lot and never ask if they need help. Wait until said customer Read more [...]

Pave The Way For A Great Relationship With This Roommate Welcome Basket

A Roommate Welcome Basket A Great Way to This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #BeReadyPlayBook #CollectiveBias When my oldest daughter, Maddie went off to college, my husband had tears in his eyes. First because he was going to miss her and second she was the first grandchild of his parents to go off to college. My husband is not a natural-born citizen of the Estados Unidos (United States), he is originally from Mexico. And our hijas (daughters) were the first nietas (granddaughters) of Read more [...]

Home Matters Linky Party #51

HMLP - Brand Logo 2015 (1)Welcome to the weekly Home Matters Linky Party. A great place to come, share your blog posts, and make new friends.This week has been one for the books. So much to do and every minute scheduled to the max. But I always take the time to check out those that link up on this awesome party. I always end up printing out one recipe if not more and I am getting some great ideas for decorating and I have already started making Christmas presents. Before you know it will be here. So sit back and let you fingers Read more [...]

Find the Right Cellphone Company For You

Find the Right Cell Phone Company For You This is a sponsored post, but these tips are ones that I actually use.   It seems that most of the time the topic of conversation with my friends' centers around cell phones. We are often comparing and asking questions about cell phone companies and phones that they offer.  I have learned a lot through these conversations. So I thought I would pass these helpful tips onto you. Check for service. Make sure that you will be able to use the cellphone where you will be at the most. Read more [...]

So You Want To Know Where I Get My Clothes?

clothes-JaneThis post I originally posted on my other blog Champagne Style Bare Budget but I wanted to share with you the great deals that I get on clothing and other items from this website. So I wanted to reuse the original post with a few tweaks. Plus I think I was inspired because I am wearing one of the items I received from them today.  I often get compliments on the clothes that I wear. I often get asked the questions, "Where did you buy that shirt?" " How much did that cost?" or "What store do you Read more [...]

Tootsie Rolls For Emma

TootsieRolls  When you think of the word Tootsie Roll? You think of the chocolate flavored candy that is so delicious that you just can't stop yourself from eating one. But yesterday in the blogging world seeing a Tootsie Roll took on a whole new meaning. Although we often say the blogging world is so big that we can't begin to read all the blogs out there or can't begin to know all the bloggers that blog. But when tragedy strikes the blogging world, it becomes such a small community. If you Read more [...]

Tips for Mattress Buying

Tips For Mattress Buying I have a love / hate relationship with my mattress. Right after our car accident , there were days that I just could not seem to get comfortable. So I have come up with a few tips to help make mattress buying a little easier. I will tell you buying the right mattress is not a place to look at the prices you need to look at the quality of the mattress. When buying a mattress lie on it for at least 15 minutes, that way you can really get a feel for what the mattress is actually like. Research Read more [...]

Make A Car Care Kit For Your College Student

Make A (2) This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #1stImpressionsCount #CollectiveBias I have been seeing a new trend with parents lately. That trend is that they are buying their children new cars while they are driving around the cars that are older. Well folks, let me tell you that will not and did not happen in our family. When my oldest turned 16 we were able to purchase a car for $500. It may not have looked the best but she was Read more [...]

Tips and Tricks for the Frugal Party Host

Tips and Tricks for the Frugal Party Host We all love a good party; lashings of fine liquor, smooth beats and wonderful company are some of the most enjoyable aspects of human endeavour, after all! For many party hosts, no expense is spared in the creation of a perfect frugal party, however there is a small, yet ardent, group of individuals for whom expensive is a dirty word. These people banish champagne in lieu of sparkling perry, buy crepe paper instead of bunting, and are far happier with popping a smartphone in a Pringles can instead Read more [...]

Back To School Safety Tips For Parents

Back to School Safety Tips   Bells will be ringing. School buses will soon be on the road. Kids and teachers alike will be saying "How short their summer was?"  Yep, it's back to school time. So here are a few safety tips to help you get back in the swing of things. Be on the lookout for school buses on the road. And make sure you stop for buses that are stopped as they are carrying precious cargo. Make sure to be aware of children that are around you especially during your commute to and from work. Go Read more [...]

Home Matters Linky Party #50

HMLP  - Featured Image - Birthday Edition 2015 ©Welcome to the weekly Home Matters Linky Party. A great place to come, share your blog posts, and make new friends. Thank you so much for making my first week as host awesome. We almost hit 600 links. Keep sharing, you never know when you might be featured.    Home Matters Linky Party #50! It's our 1st Birthday!!! Let's celebrate in style! Thank you to all of you for coming to party with us each week. We have thoroughly enjoyed getting to know you and seeing all of your wonderful Read more [...]

The Internet: Whole New World for Parents of Children with Disabilities

The Internet: A Whole New World for Parents of Children with Disabilities Children are demanding at the best of times, particularly when they are young. Their needs have to come first, and parents can feel dejected, tired, stressed, or unhappy; their life is no longer their own; they are responsible for somebody else’s comfort and happiness around the clock. When disability is a factor, whether this be an incapacity, an affliction, or an illness, things can be even more difficult. Children with disabilities may require care that is above and beyond that of another Read more [...]

It’s Electric!

future engineersAnd no I am not talking about the Electric slide.  (But I bet a lot of you started bursting out in song once you heard those two words. :) ) But I am talking about something that will be just as fun for kids and that is a cool new box from Groovy Lab in a Box. It's Electric! is now available as a groovy SINGLE BOX! Groove on over to the Groovy Lab in a Box website to do the "E" in STEM! Groovy Lab in a Box is hands-on STEM, project based learning made FUN where ?STEMists? do the "E" in ?STEM?! Read more [...]