Why Dental Emergencies Are More Common In Winter

Why Dental Emergencies Are More Common In Winter

As fall is in full swing, winter will be around in a couple of months. The festive season brings a lot of reasons to celebrate, but there are some to worry about. You may struggle with winter blues as sunny days give way to clouds, rain, and snow. Stress, pain, and insomnia are the worst implications of seasonal blues. Another winter trouble you may overlook is dental emergencies, which are more likely to surface in the colder weather. Let us explain why your teeth troubles tend to worsen during winter. 

Cold sensitivity

The harsh cold weather hurts your skin, bones, and joints. It can also cause dental sensitivity, just like eating cold foods. Even a deep breath of fresh air can cause a sudden zing of pain. Surprisingly, cold sensitivity can happen even if your teeth and gums are healthy. But tooth decay, sensitive teeth, chipped teeth, and minimal tooth enamel can worsen the condition. The best way to prevent emergency pain is to visit a dentist and address these issues.

Dental contraction and cracking

Your teeth can expand and contract in response to external factors like extreme heat and cold. Over time, these changes can cause cracks in your teeth and expose the vulnerable tubes beneath the enamel. The condition may aggravate in the cold weather when you step in and sip a hot beverage after exposure to the extreme outdoor temperature. It can be extremely painful, and you may need to visit an emergency dentist to address it.

Holiday season indulgences

Winter festivities often lead to indulgence in sweets, alcohol, caffeine, and acidic foods. Although dental issues may not surface overnight, you become prone to an oral emergency at some point. Besides festive indulgences, you may hurt your teeth while cutting packages, pulling strings, and biting hard foods and candies. There is always a chance of chipping or breaking a tooth with such actions.

Aggressive brushing

You will probably brush your teeth harder and longer to eliminate sweets and food particles from your mouth after the festive feasts. But aggressive brushing can do more harm than good as it can strip away enamel, leaving the delicate lower teeth exposed to the elements. You may feel the cold air hitting them harder. While you must get an emergency check if you experience pain, follow regular brushing rules without overdoing it.

This dentist in Huntington Park suggests using a soft-bristled brush and not putting too much pressure on your teeth when brushing. Just the right amount of pressure will already do the work.

Cold and flu

Another possibility of dental emergencies in winter is linked to cold and flu, which are common in the season. A sinus infection can cause tooth pain as stuffy and inflamed sinuses put pressure on your teeth. If you experience discomfort even after recovering from the illness, consider it a dental emergency and see a specialist to get help. Also, do your best to keep infections at bay.

Winter is a busy season, so it is easy to overlook minor issues until they become full-blown emergencies. You are at a higher risk if you enjoy winter sports, as injuries often lead to big trouble. The best piece of advice is to avoid emergencies in the first place and address them sooner than later if they still happen.

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