When is the best time for a new roof?

Are you thinking about replacing your old roof? No matter the situation that calls for an immediate replacement, you should carefully pick your timing. Roofing contractors work all year long installing and repairing roofs, but the time at which a roof is installed can have a significant impact on how it all goes and, most importantly, on how much it will cost. 

The question now is: When is the right season to install a new roof? Well, if you want to find out, you’ll have to keep on reading. When you decide that it’s time to move on with the home improvement project, make sure you have the right people by your side. 

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A short summary of the seasons 

As mentioned earlier, professionals work throughout the year, so whenever you’re ready to roof the house, just give them a call. Don’t start tearing off the roof with your bare hands. There is a season for everything and roof installation makes no difference. Let’s take a close look at the advantages and disadvantages of installing a new roof throughout the seasons. 


If there aren’t serious problems, the spring is a great time for a roof replacement. There is a fair amount of rain, but it shouldn’t pose any problems. The shingles and roofing materials will adhere properly. The cold season is far behind and the warm temperature allows professionals to get the job done. Early spring is a cost-effective time for a home improvement project. 

During the holiday season, people spend all their money on gifts, parties, and so on. The result is that at the beginning of the year they have very little money left in their pockets. If they do get their hands on any money, they’ll be preoccupied with paying their taxes. The point is that the materials and labor costs will be more affordable. 


Roofers are busy in the summertime as business tends to pick up. The weather doesn’t compare to autumn months, which are characterized by volatile weather. However, the high temperatures and humidity are unpleasant for the roofing contractors, not to mention that the materials will be affected. The tiles must be installed before the heat sets in. Roofers can’t spend a great deal of time working on the project. Temperatures below 85°–90° F are acceptable to work in.  


It’s generally accepted that autumn is the best time to have a new roof installed. Why? Because the shingles can be applied to the right temperature, so they won’t become brittle or break. It’s not too hot, not too cold. Don’t put off the home improvement project until winter. There’s no way of knowing how much snow the winter will bring and the roof can possibly collapse under the weight of the snow. 

Schedule your roof replacement ahead of time because the autumn season tends to be busy. Many families opt to have their homes upgraded at this time of the year, so it’s necessary to make sure that your chosen roofers are available. Roofing your home offers great peace of mind, but make sure your home is ready for the winter. 


As you can imagine, the winter isn’t exactly a good time to have a new roof installed. The reason for this is that the extremely low temperatures will cause the materials to freeze or crack under the pressure of the nail. A new roof can be installed during wintertime, but chances are that it will need replacement. Roofing during the cold months of the year is a challenge that is hard to overcome. Professionals are required to work in extreme conditions and they might not have the best of results. 

Think twice before undertaking a home improvement project in the winter. It might not be worth the time or effort. It’s better to wait until spring if you’re in a hurry. The only upgrade you should be doing in the winter is repainting, decluttering, and adding insulation. Cold is the harshest weather that the roof has to endure, so if you’re not quite sure the roof will withstand the cold months of the year, schedule the replacement a little bit earlier. 

Practical budgeting tips to make the roof replacement easier 

If you don’t have sufficient money in your savings account to install a new roof, these tips will come in handy. Don’t postpone the project because it will only make matters worse. 

Know how much the new roof will cost you 

Get recommendations from your friends and neighbors who’ve recently had work done on their homes. They’ll be able to point you in the right direction. A roof replacement doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, but it can turn out to be expensive if you don’t have any money put aside. 

Know for sure how much the project will end up costing you and start saving. Attention needs to be paid to the fact that the cheapest roofers aren’t the best ones. Focus on efficiency, customer service, and experience. That’s something money can’t buy. 

Make sure you have enough money for the expenses 

If you don’t need the roof right away and you’re able to wait until next autumn. In the meantime, start putting money aside. Create a budget, monitor your expenses, and put money aside. If you want to get things done faster, eliminate unnecessary expenses, such as magazine subscriptions. Manufacturers of top roofing materials put their products on sale every now and then, so you should keep close attention. Inexpensive materials cost less, but you don’t want to end up paying for another roof installment.

It’s a good idea to upgrade the home during the off-season. Not only will the demand not be so high, but also you may be offered a discount. There’s no way of knowing. If the roofers you’re thinking about employing are booked, it simply means that it’s not the off-season. 

Finally, yet importantly, you can do some of the work yourself. If you’re not afraid of heights, get your forks and roof jack. Talk to the roofers beforehand and see if it’s a good idea. It’s dangerous work and the professionals might not want you to be interfering with their work because it can compromise quality.   

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