What is Biltright Turf and is it Worth it?

What is Biltright Turf

Landscaping is not an easy task to take on, let alone to complete. It has certainly inspired many an argument between married couples and family members alike since it is such a subjective part of owning a property. While some people like to get extravagant with it, others prefer a less showy option. This may come as a bit of a surprise (or it might not), but a fair amount of property value comes from the size and appearance of our yards. That goes for curb appeal, as well. You can learn more about that in this blog if you find that it fascinated you.  However, today I will be offering you a breakdown of that and a few other basics when it comes to artificial grass or turf.

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How Did it Get so Popular?

When I started to research this topic a bit more, I found some answers to this very question that kind of caught me off guard. The fact that sports stadiums helped to popularize it was obvious to me but did you know that Hollywood and the movie industry also played a significant role in that process? I certainly did not.

Yet, that is the truth of it. The turf was glamorized in movies and television shows, and it inspired viewers to want to have it in their own yards as well! Naturally, a lot of parks and other fields followed suit, leading to the large varieties of it that we see around today!

When I played sports, a part of me always wondered what the appeal of artificial grass versus the natural stuff was. Why try to improve upon nature, right? Well, as it turns out, there are plenty of motivations behind this.

One of them is the safety of the athletes in the stadiums that they are playing in. It is hardly a secret that they are quite prone to suffering from injuries. However, did you know that this would likely be a lot worse without the presence of turf on the ground beneath them?

You see, due to the many layers that make up a plot of artificial grass, there is cushioning offered to anyone who falls on it. This is probably what makes it so appealing in playgrounds as well since children do tend to be quite clumsy and trip rather often.

Something that I never realized until I began the process of installation of artificial turf on my property was that the materials that it is made out of are constantly changing and evolving.  When thinking about it further, though, it does make quite a bit of sense. In general, we as humans tend to continue innovating our creations to make them better and better. This concept applies to this as well.

Most of the time, though, it is made up of primarly polyethylene, which is a type of plastic, at least for the blades of grass. The other layers could be a bit different, so it may be worth asking the providers that you are considering what theirs contain.

As far as fading goes, I know that is a worry that my mother expressed to me when I told her about my decision to go forward with the artificial grass. However, it is not nearly as big of a problem today as it used to be, as we have thought of new ways to prevent or at least dampen the impacts of the harsh UV rays that come from the sun.

Now, if you have a particularly strict Home Owner’s Association (which you can read about here, https://www.investopedia.com/terms/h/hoa.asp), you might be hesitant to get it installed.  My advice here is to simply ask if it is permitted. More than likely, the project will be approved since it is adding to the curb appeal of your property far more than harming that.

So…is it a Hassle, then?

Based upon all of the things that I listed in the previous section, you may have gotten the impression that it is something difficult to take care of and to deal with in the first place.  However, the good news is that this could not be further from the truth. In fact, having a yard of artificial grass tends to really lessen the burden of landscaping and yard work for the homeowners.

After all, it does not really require much watering at all, and you will not need to mow it. Those are already two points in its favor. Even cleaning up messes is not overly taxing since a bit of water can fix most of the spills or other stains. If you were still on the fence about whether to get it or not, I do hope that I have helped in some way today!

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