Ways to Restyle Your Office This Year

Ways to Restyle Your Office This Year from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Tired. Wrinkly. Badly dressed. We’re not talking about your employees–we’re talking about your office.

If you’re the proud owner of a company, then you likely have a designated space where most of your employees work. From two employees to two hundred, the office is where they gather to collaborate, tackle challenges, and get work done. Your office, however, might look like something left over from 1992, or a white-walled prison cell.

A beautiful office can inspire employee confidence. Not as important a benefit as health insurance, a beautiful office is a benefit that can nevertheless give you an advantage. If you want to take your tired old office and make it space your employees love, consider a few of these tips.

Bring in New Colors

You may have never painted your walls, or you may have chosen a color scheme that makes everyone feel a little green. Outdated colors send a message to employees and business partners: you’re outdated. Stay up to date with a modern, sleek vibe. Pick colors that create the proper mood. Pink boosts energy, yellow cheers, and dark green has a grounding effect. Use color to stay in style. Use it to benefit your employee’s moods, too.


New colors might not be enough. If your employees are getting sore on old chairs, or your floor has seen better days, you should consider updating your office space. Get gorgeous new floors and completely transform the look of your office. Get new furniture and upgrade the look of your space. Whether you’re in Chicago, IL, or Cleveland, OH you can find office furniture that makes your employees feel better about the company they’re working for.

Make a Creative Space

Cubicles offer privacy, but if your staff regularly designs new ventures or collaborates, you’ll want to organize a fresh space for them. You may want to consider getting rid of the cubicle life altogether, and instead, style your office after a coffee shop. Employees can find private space in the corners and private tables. They can gather on couches and around larger tables. A more fluid atmosphere could wake up tired brain cells and encourage company creativity.

Bring in the Plants

Plants are in right now. An assortment of living greenery could help make your office seem fresh and modern. Whether it’s a tall palm that stands in the corner, or pothos vines that trail across the cabinets, a plant can change your atmosphere with nature’s magic touch. More than that, plants are good for you. While you might need to hire an interiorscape company to keep your plants alive, some plants can thrive in jugs of fertilized water. Bringing greenery into the office can be easy and inexpensive.

When you take care of your employees, you inspire company loyalty. Having an updated, fresh, creative workspace could be the zing your office needs. Make a few simple changes. Your new office will add a boost to morale and creativity in no time.  

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