Understanding Female Hair Loss

Understanding Female Hair Loss from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Women often use their hair in a way to enhance their appearance to others, whether at work, in social events, or at home. Hair is, understandably, a large part of the identity of a woman. It goes without saying that female pattern baldness, a type of hair loss most common in middle-aged females, can cause a significant impact on the quality of life for many females. If you are afflicted with hair loss, be assured that there are ways to improve the growth of your hair and prevent further loss in the future.

Diagnose Your Hair Loss

Not all women with hair loss are affected by female pattern baldness and not all women who are affected by this type of hair loss will have the same degree of thinning hair. If you are affected by hair loss, be sure to consult a professional and see what the cause may be. If your hair loss is gradual then you may be going through a mild form of alopecia. However, if you have any underlying medical issues, such as iron deficiency or a thyroid disorder, then you may be affected by female pattern baldness.

Preventative Care

Consider practicing preventive care for your hair if you are affected by hair loss. Consider letting your hair dry naturally without the use of a towel or blow-dryer. Your hair often breaks easily when wet, so using a towel to scrub your hair dry may cause your hair to become more brittle and break under pressure. The same goes with blow-dryers, which may cause the hair to overheat and become tender and brittle under the touch. You could possibly prevent any further hair loss simply by being more delicate in the way you wash and treat your hair.  

Use More Natural Products

Many hair products contain chemicals or ingredients that could increase the rate of hair loss. When using hair products, check to see if any of them contain bleaching materials. Additionally, hair dyes and hair sprays could cause your hair to become weaker. If you limit the use of these products you could help reduce the rate of hair loss. Consider using fewer hairpins and elastics in your hair as well, as these can pull your hair out of your scalp more easily.

If you are suffering from hair loss, practicing preventative care could help you have more healthy and vibrant hair. Be sure to consult a professional to know what is the best course of action for you even if it means buying some hairpieces for women.

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