Planning Exciting Games for Your Toddler’s First Birthday Party


Balloons, games, themes and others are all fun but you can’t have a birthday party without games. And if it’s a first birthday party, you won’t find a single toddler who would be ready to sit down quietly. More so, when he has many other friends. And, it is also right in a way! After all, what’s the point of having a party, if the toddlers cannot have fun? You need games and choose them carefully, according to age of the toddlers.


When To Introduce Games In the Party

When you have decided on the games that the kids will play, have everything you need for the games beforehand. They should be with you before the games begin. The kids will be happy to just watch at the beginning of the party but as it gets into full swing, with the guests arriving, they start getting restless. This is the right time to introduce the games. So, what kind of games can you plan for the toddlers?




3 Popular games for toddlers

With toddlers, you must try to keep the games simple and easy. 3 of the most popular toddler games are –

  1.  Pin the Tail on the Donkey – This game is fun and simple. All toddlers enjoy playing this. You can adapt it according to the theme. For example, if your party has a cowboy theme, you can adapt the original game to place the cowboy hat on the cowboy’s head. It can also be a donkey or princess and many more.You will need cutouts of the donkey, or the cowboy or the princess according to the game. Keep the blindfold and the sticky tape ready.
  2. Hot Potato – This is another popular toddler game for birthday parties. Although the original version of the game is played using a potato, you can replace it with other objects. Let the toddlers stand in a circle. Start the music and ask the toddlers to pass the potato around.The child holding the potato, when the music stops, is out of the game. Only one child is left at the end of the game and he is the winner.
  3. Duck, Duck, Goose, Goose – Toddlers understand this game easily and enjoy playing it. It is good and popular choice for birthday parties for toddlers. Explain the rules of the game clearly and simply before you start so as to avoid any confusion.


Make sure that you have some games ready because children get bored easily. These games will keep them entertained. They should also revolve around the birthday boy because it is his special day.


One last thing to remember when you are planning games for your baby’s birthday is that children are easy hurt. Don’t have any winners or losers or there will be a lot of hurt feelings. Make sure that each of the children gets a prize for playing the game. You can have a more significant prize for the winner but everyone gets something.


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