Picking The Perfect Granny Flats Builder

Picking The Perfect Granny Flats Builder

A granny flat is a small home in your backyard you can rent out. Building one is a smart idea to make extra money. But you need the right granny flats builder like Granny Flat Solutions to make your granny flat dreams come true. Follow these tips to find the perfect builder for your project.

What is a Granny Flat?

A granny flat (also called a backyard cabin, laneway house, or secondary suite) is a little home separate from the main house. It has its own small kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and living space. Granny flats began as places for grandparents to live. But now people build them to rent out for extra income.

Why Build a Granny Flat?

Adding a granny flat in your backyard and renting it out is super profitable. You can earn $15,000 to $30,000 extra per year without much work. Having a tenant also makes your property safer. Granny flats use space smartly by adding a second home to your land. All you need is a good builder to create your amazing granny flat.

Finding Granny Flat Builders

Step one is looking online for granny flat builders in your area. Search for “granny flat builders [your city]” or “backyard cabins [your region].” Visit builders’ websites to learn more about their work. Key things to look for are:

  • Experience building granny flats
  • Photos of past projects
  • Good online reviews
  • Custom design services
  • Building permits help

Make a list of your top choices. Read reviews on Google, Facebook, and independent sites. This will give you an idea of each builder’s reputation.

Interviewing Granny Flat Builders

Once you have a shortlist, it’s time to interview builders. Here are key questions to ask:

  • How long have you built granny flats? Look for 5+ years experience.
  • How much do your builds usually cost? Get an average price range.
  • Can we customize the design and layout? Choose your own look.
  • Do you handle all permits and approvals? They should handle the paperwork.
  • When could you start and finish my build? Ask about their schedule.

Pay attention to how builders answer you. A good builder will explain things clearly. They should help you design your ideal granny flat.

Comparing Granny Flat Quotes

The builders you interview should each provide a written quote. This includes their price to complete your custom granny flat. Compare quotes carefully by looking at:

  • Total project cost – Cheapest isn’t always the best quality.
  • Materials they plan to use – Wood, steel frame, or modular?
  • Inclusions and exclusions – What’s in the quoted price?
  • Warranties on work and materials
  • Timeframe for completion

A builder who seems organized and has good systems will likely do the best job. Don’t choose by price alone. Find the builder you trust the most for a smooth project.

Choosing Your Granny Flats Pro

Once you’ve compared quotes, it’s decision time. Trust your gut feeling about which builder is the right fit. Make sure to check their references too. Ask past clients if the builder delivered on time and on budget.

Visit examples of their finished granny flats if possible. Seeing the quality of their work in person gives you confidence. Some warning signs are pushing unwanted extras or being vague on project details.


Building your own granny flat takes time but pays off in the long run. Finding the perfect builder sets your project up for success. With rental income, you’ll recover your granny flat investment quickly. Then it’s easy money after that.

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