Mommy, I’m Bored: Frugal Yet Fun Ways to Cure Your Child’s Summertime Blues

Mommy. I'm Bored-Frugal Yet Fun Ways to Cure Your Child's Summertime Blues from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Summer is highly anticipated throughout the school year.  When it finally comes it seems that kids can quickly run out of things to do.  Such pent-up energy is not good for the kids or their caretakers.  It’s why moms and dads need to help kids find things to do before the summertime blues kick in.  Sooner or later you’re going to hear, “Mommy, I’m bored!”  Here are fun and frugal things to suggest before that those summertime blues occur.


Take your kids to the zoo.  Find coupons at area stores, in newspapers, online, or on the back of selected soft drink cans.  Kids love domesticated animals, such as rabbits, dogs, and cats, but the zoo provides an opportunity to see wild and exotic animals from around the world.  Visiting the zoo is a mixture of wonder and education that is a good fit for the entire family and is sure to bit those summertime blues.


If you can’t rent a boat to take the kids out on a lake or ocean, find selected onshore spots and fish for bass, trout, and indigenous species.  If you don’t have the necessary equipment, visit a tackle shop that can provide you with lures, bait, rods, weights, and more.  Alternatively, find supplies online.  For example, the Haywire twist tool is great for offshore fishing and features a comfy grip.


Take the kids to the movie theatre.  Production studios often wait for the summer to release yearly blockbusters.  These days, families have tons of in-home choices for video entertainment, yet there is no compensating for the ambiance of a movie house with a huge screen and high-tech sound system.  And, of course, no matter how well they improve upon microwave popcorn, nothing compares to the taste of buttered popcorn from theatre vending machines.

Board Games

Purchase board games from a toy store or online vendor.  You may even have a few games stacked away in the attic; it may be an old game, but if the kids have never played before, it’s a novelty to them.  Take the kids to the park, a cafe, or establish a place to play outside in the yard.  To add a wrinkle of fun and entertainment, use your video camera on a smartphone to ‘interview’ the players before and after the game.


Rent a number of bicycles and take your kids to a safe destination.  Bike through the park, on a forest path, or on the shore boardwalk.  It’s great exercise and could inspire kids to make cycling a lifelong hobby.  Find necessary safety equipment online; a helmet can be used with bikes, skateboards, scooters, etc.


Take kids to a number of museums in your city, state, or beyond.  Museums often provide discounts to kids.  It’s a great way to introduce a bit of education to a summer vacation.  Inquire about your kids’ interests and take them to appropriate destinations.  For example, if your child loves the beach and sea life, take them to an aquarium.  Alternatively, go the local library, read about local legends or historical sites, and take a drive to particular destinations.

About the Author:

Kerry Shaw is a working Mom of three gorgeous kids ages 3, 5 and 8. She encourages the kids to get out of the house and do things on weekends and school holidays, and can’t stand them being glued to a screen all the time!

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