Make A Diaper Cake for Baby Showers

These darling diaper cakes make quite a beautiful site as a centerpiece for a baby shower.

Materials Needed:
  •  large pkg. of diapers (60)
  • sample pack Q tips
  • rubber duck
  • onesies
  • receiving blanket
  • washcloths
  • large container of baby powder
  • pink or blue curling ribbon if you know the sex of the baby (or green if you don’t)
  • 1 inch ribbon to hold the cake together
  • baby bottles
  • rattle
  • teething ring
  • bottle brush
  • nail kit
  • stuffed animal
  • large (18 inch pizza board)
  • 1 large, 18 inch doily or make your own from smaller ones
  • glue or rubber cement

Take all the diapers and roll them bottom to top.
 Tie on the curling ribbon and use scissors to give the ends a nice curl.
(Simply open up your scissors and run the ends of the ribbon in a downward motion to make it curl. Be sure to do both ends.)
Lay aside.

Take the cardboard round and adhere the doily to it.
You do not need to use the whole doily if you are only working with smaller pieces.
Just make it so the edges of the doily are showing.

Take your bottle of powder and place it in the center of the cardboard.
Start adding the diapers one at a time, substituting items from the list in place of a diaper.

Form the second layer as you did the first layer, adding different baby items as you go along.

To finish the top layer, use the rolled diapers and any other baby items you have to complete the last layer.

Add the stuffed animal to the top.

Take the 1 inch ribbon and tie each layer around the outside.

Add a pretty bow to the stuffed animal and you are all set to use the centerpiece.

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