How to Tell if Your Boiler Needs Replacement – The Non-Tech-Savvy Guide

How to tell if your boiler needs replacement from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Boiler maintenance sounds too complicated even when you read the words. If you’re not the biggest fan of technology or anything related to tinkering or fixing stuff, then you are in the right place. This short guide will offer you the guidance needed when the boiler in your house doesn’t seem to do what’s right any longer. For people who don’t know much about boilers, thermostats, or other big appliances in the house, the tips below will be simply life-saving. Keep in mind that it is not uncommon to change boilers once in a while because they get worn up even though they might be kept in good condition. Here are some of the signs that tell you whether the boiler needs a replacement or not:

Boiler maintenance is a very important process that needs to be taken care of on a regular basis by someone who does commercial boiler repair. It is essential for the boiler to be in a good condition otherwise it may lead to major problems.

Boiler safety is also very important as it ensures that the boiler runs smoothly and prevents any possible injuries from occurring. In order to keep your home safe from hazards, you need to undergo regular boiler safety checks. It is advisable that you check for any gas leaks or oil leaks as these can lead to fires or explosions. Obviously, if you have a boiler emergency this won’t be the case and you will typically be able to tell that your ancient boiler is ready to be replaced.

It’s age

These might be the biggest signs of them all. If your boiler is older than 10-15 years, then you might need to consider replacing it. Even though it may seem like it is still in good condition, 15 years is more than enough for a boiler. One of the reasons why older boilers need to be replaced is that you will spend more money on fixing it in the eventuality of a failure compared to buying and installing a new boiler. Preventing the issue from happening is much more convenient than waiting for the unfortunate event to take place. When the age of your boiler requests it, simply consider a replacement and you will be much happier with the investment in the long run. Also, technology advances rapidly. There is no doubt that tech improvements in the past 15 years affected how boilers work as well. If your boiler is an outdated one, you have a lot to lose.

Its energy efficiency

If the energy efficiency rating of your boiler is below A, you might need to reconsider your options. Energy efficiency is measured on a scale from A to G, A being the greatest degree of efficiency and G being the lowest. By using A-level energy efficiency appliances, not only that you live a more environmentally friendly life, but you also cut your costs of living. An appliance that consumes way too much energy because it has a low-efficiency rating will cost you double or triple than an A-level appliance. There are plenty of online calculators that can compare how much you currently consume using your low energy efficiency appliances and how much you would consume using A-level appliances. Making this upgrade is definitely worth it later on.

How to tell if your boiler needs replacement from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Heating up takes forever

If you notice that your boiler takes much longer to heat, it could indicate that you should invest in a replacement. Normal-working boilers usually heat up in a matter of seconds. In case you have to wait a few considerable minutes to feel some hot air, you need to get the boiler checked up. Replacing it is recommended if you already attempted to have it fixed. When this is the first time when your boiler gives signs of wearing off, it might be saved with a simple repair. Take into account that boiler maintenance is pretty expensive, and changing parts might not be the most recommended option, financially speaking. Have a specialist verify your boiler and make a decision only after getting informed about the problems that your boiler has.

The bills are higher than usual

Another sign that implies a boiler replacement has to do with bills. If the bills start getting higher and higher each month and you don’t seem to have a logical explanation for it, the cause might be your boiler. A malfunctioning boiler can consume more energy, even though its rating is a good one. You will notice the change when paying the electricity bills. Even though you did not modify the settings of the boiler, the bills will keep going higher and higher. This is a sign that you need to invest in a new boiler, especially because you are going to save lots of money in the future months. Getting the boiler insured is a good idea, considering that you spend a lot of money on purchasing a new one. You can learn more about boiler cover at Getting informed about the newest boilers and the features they come equipped with can keep you away from trouble and stress.

How to tell if your boiler needs replacement from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

The house is not heated evenly

This sign might be the most obvious one. The house should heat evenly as long as the boiler works as it is supposed. If each room of your house seems to have a different temperature and the overall temperature in the building is not kept even, there is definitely something wrong with your boiler. A good boiler will keep the temperature inside the house even and constant. Whenever that is not the case, the boiler requires maintenance or replacement. As mentioned before, in some cases, maintenance can cost too much when reporting it to the investment required for a complete replacement. An unevenly heated house is the number one sign of boiler wear off.

It has been repaired several times

If you already invested a lot of money in getting the boiler repaired and it stills shows signs of malfunctioning, then you need to stop wasting money on the old one and buy a newer, more performant boiler instead. Boilers that have been repaired multiple times won’t work the same any longer, regardless of how perfect the services were. The only exception is when the fixes are small, routine ones. In all the other cases, such as replacing actual components of the boiler, the most recommended choice would be replacing it.


A boiler that leaks is a boiler that is about to end its lifecycle. On the same note as advanced age, leaking is a sign that you need to replace the boiler entirely, without looking back. Leaks are uncomfortable to manage and they are definitely not a good sign. Floods are costly events that include not only financial resources but mental ones too, as they lead to property damage which can be very stressful for any owner.

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