How to Grow Beautiful Fruit Trees Using the Propagation Technique Known as Budding

How to Grow Beautiful Fruit Trees Using the Propagation Technique Known as Budding from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Having a fruit tree or even an orchard of them should give you an abundance of fruit throughout the season. This can be used to create a wide variety of different products according to your personal tastes.

However, if you want to grow a specific tree then you may need to learn about the propagation technique of budding. A great example of this is if you want to grow a flowering Dogwood tree. Almost everyone that you grow from a seed will be white; even if you take seeds from a pink Dogwood! To ensure you get a pink dogwood you’ll need to graft the desired color and variety onto a seedling.

You may be surprised to learn that budding is extremely popular and common in nurseries; to ensure the right product is available for customers.

Here Is What You Need To Do

The first step is to locate a tree that has the right color flowers for your needs and tastes. It is best to start the budding process in the late summer; this will give the tree tie to become established before the frost arrives.

You need to remove one bud from the tree you want to grow. Don’t just remove the bud you need a whole piece of stick. The leaf will fall away naturally leaving you with the bud on a stick.

Simply make a ‘T’ shaped cut into the bark of your stick without cutting the inner tissue. Slide a knife under the bud you want and it should just pop out; don’t forget to catch it!

Then take a seedling of the tree and carefully remove a piece of the bark near the bottom of the seedling. You should be able to expose the tissue layer under the bark. You can then carefully slide your bud into the hole so that it is at least half under the bark by the hole you cut.

Then take care of the tree as you would normally. The tree will take on the characteristics of the bud you have implanted as opposed to the original tree.

It is important to note that the bud must be attached low down on the seedling. If you place it higher up then anything that grows below the bud will be the original tree. You’ll need to remove this quickly if you see any original growth.

Looking After It

It should go without saying that the seedling needs to be taken care of in the usual way. This means keeping the grass around it trimmed to prevent the seedling from getting pests or blocking out the sun. There are some great value for money lawnmowers available.

You may also need to add fertilizer and even water the seedling if the end of the summer proves to be dry and hot.

The following year you should see clear indications that your chosen type of tree is growing; hopefully, you’ll even see some buds appearing in the first year!



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