Fun Ideas for a Get-Together With Friends at Home

Fun Ideas for a Get-Together With Friends at Home

More recently, you may have heard people say staying in is the new going out. If that’s the case, then make a night in special and fun. Hosting get togethers at home for friends save a bundle of money and usually ends up being more enjoyable than going out anyway. I’ve come up with a few fun ideas for a get-together with friends at home, so you can stay in and stay connected.

A Good Old-Fashioned BBQ

Who doesn’t love a good BBQ? With the warmer weather approaching, invite friends to bring side dishes and throw some hot dogs on the grill.

An invite to an at-home BBQ lets friends know they are coming over to relax and kick back, which is something we all could use a little more of.

Decade Party

Okay hear me out—y’all are going to think this one is a little out there, but a party with a decade theme will bring belly laughs and create lifelong memories.

Choose your favorite decade (the 80s of course) and ask everyone to show up donning gear from that decade. Have the coinciding tunes playing when everyone arrives. You could even gear the menu toward the theme!

A decade party will bring warm feelings of nostalgia and enough laughs to last until the next get-together.

Host a Liquor Tasting

Sampling liquor all evening is guaranteed fun. Just make sure your pals have sober drivers or a sleeping bag to sleepover for the night. You can center the tasting around whatever liquor you fancy—perhaps jack, gin, or a little of both!

Liquor tastings at home allow everyone to relax without the sometimes stuffiness that can come from a professional tasting. Plus, hosting a liquor tasting party is easy when you let everyone bring something.

Cook Together

One of my favorite things to do with friends is hosting a cooking night. No, seriously—cooking with friends is rarely done and can be such a riot.

Just plan a menu and send out invites detailing what everyone should bring to contribute to the meal. Then cook it all up together. Pour the wine and enjoy great conversation while preparing and dining.

Game Night

Game night is a classic get-together to have with friends. Ask everyone to bring their favorite game or pull out your own.

Game night is also the perfect time for sampling snacks and drinks. Keep it low-key, casual, and fun rather than competitive. I’ve found Pictionary is a fan favorite of competitors and allies alike.

Enjoy these fun ideas for a get-together with friends at home and add some of your own. Remember, it’s all about making others feel welcome and creating memories together.

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