Effective Techniques To Stop The Progression Of Scoliosis

Effective Techniques To Stop The Progression Of Scoliosis from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Scoliosis is defined as a sideways curvature of the spine. It is generally noticed in adolescents, and the cause is usually unknown. It is worth noting that scoliosis is also associated with cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy, but having scoliosis doesn’t mean you have another condition as well.

The majority of adolescents with scoliosis have a mild form. This will be carefully monitored. As they mature, it can correct itself, or they may need to wear a brace to help straighten the spine. 

In some cases, surgery is necessary as severe scoliosis can restrict the chest area and cause breathing issues.

Diagnosing The Issue

 The most common signs of scoliosis are uneven shoulders, where one shoulder blade is higher than the other or more prominent. The waist will be uneven, and one hip is likely to be higher while the rib cage on one side will stick out. It may even be noticed on their back as they bend forward. 

In many cases, a teacher or friend will notice the issue rather than the parent. This is because the changes are gradual, and it’s easy for a parent to miss.

Visit A Doctor

If you think you or your child have scoliosis then you need to see a doctor to confirm it. They are likely to refer you to a reputable chiropractor, such as this chiropractor Willetton. They will be able to assess the amount of bend in the spine and, most importantly, they will show you some exercises that can help prevent scoliosis from getting worse. Seeing a doctor assess the degree of curvature in the back could prove more beneficial the earlier you address the problem. Of course, they will also manipulate your spine to help adjust it and guide it into the right position.

The exercises are specific to each patient as they depend on the severity of the patient, progression rate, age, and other factors. 

It’s worth noting the younger the person the quicker the scoliosis is likely to worsen. But, when it affects older people, it is likely to be more painful.

Preventing Progression

Children wear braces to help with scoliosis, and these can also be worn by adults. However, braces simply hold the condition, preventing it from getting worse. This is beneficial as ignoring the problem means it will get worse. Although the process may be slow, even as little as 1° per year, over ten years you will develop a 10° angle on your back, and by thirty years you are likely to be struggling to undertake normal tasks. In short, the sooner it is tackled the less it will progress.

Braces and exercise are currently the only way to prevent scoliosis from getting worse. In extreme cases, surgery is offered. If this is undertaken, the surgeon will realign the spine and fuse the curved bones together. This will virtually eliminate the curvature and should prevent it from getting worse. However, because part of your spine will be fused together, you will have less flexibility.

However, your body is very adaptive and, in time, you’ll find there is no activity you can’t do, you just perform it slightly differently.

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