Easter Tips: Let the Planning Begin Now

Easter Tips: Let the Planning Begin Now

It’s a bummer when Easter arrives without any warning, and you can’t decorate Easter eggs or make a nice wreath for your front door before your guests show up. And don’t you hate it when you miss out on a fun Easter egg hunt that was happening in the local park? I understand… We all lead busy lives, and it’s common for us to have ambitious plans for Easter but then end up bogged down by daily routines, eventually realizing that Good Friday is already here. But wait, there’s a way out of this problem that can make your Easter festivities more enjoyable. Keep reading to find out some more Easter tips.

Easter Tips: Let the Planning Begin Now

Plan on Paper

I enjoy preparing for Easter along with other major holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and even Independence Day by creating a 30-day calendar in advance. This can be done on a regular paper calendar, or your favorite digital calendar or spreadsheet. To start, note your regular commitments in black and any planned holiday activities you want to partake in with your family in a different color. By using this method, you’ll have a clear view of everything time-sensitive on your schedule.


Consider brainstorming and compiling a list of all the activities and decorations you wish to engage in during Easter. This could entail creating candy with the kids, embellishing Easter eggs, cultivating wheatgrass nests, or constructing a sizeable wreath for the front door. Jot everything down, and then refer back to your calendar. If you’re in need of additional inspiration, you can always head over to Pinterest, where you will find numerous amusing Easter activities, recipes, and decoration concepts.

Easter Tips: Let the Planning Begin Now

After creating your to-do list, you can return to your calendar to plan and schedule time for each craft and activity. You can estimate how much time each activity will take and schedule accordingly. It’s better to spread out the crafts and activities across several days rather than trying to squeeze everything into one Saturday afternoon. This will make the experience more enjoyable and less stressful.

Prepping Your Home

Make sure to set aside some time in your schedule for cleaning and decorating your house before the holidays. Also, try not to plan any heavy activities in the days leading up to Easter. Remember, preparing and cooking a big holiday meal takes quite some time.

Easter Tips: Let the Planning Begin Now

Having a schedule during the holiday season can be helpful in ensuring that you have time to accomplish everything you want to do. But it’s also important to remember that it’s okay to deviate from the schedule and have some spontaneous fun. For example, if you don’t feel like dyeing Easter eggs on a particular evening, you can work on your spring wreath instead and decorate the eggs with your kids the following morning. The schedule should be seen as a tool to help, not a strict plan to follow. The most important thing is to have fun and create memories with your loved ones.

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