Celebrate Easter with Kids: Crafts, Food, and Service Ideas to Teach Them the Meaning of the Holiday

Easter marks a time for renewal and rebirth in many families and an occasion to commemorate their faith. It’s a chance for believers to reflect on Jesus Christ’s resurrection and its powerful message of hope and redemption. In addition, celebrating Easter with kids can be an excellent opportunity to teach them about its significance while creating lasting memories together. In this blog post, we’ll look at some ideas for celebrating Easter with kids while keeping faith and history at the forefront.

Celebrate Easter


Discuss the Significance of Easter with Your Children

First and foremost, discussing Easter’s significance with your children is essential. Tell them the story of Jesus Christ’s resurrection and why it’s an important milestone in the Christian faith. You can read stories from scripture like Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John’s accounts of this event to help your kids comprehend its significance. Then, take a moment to celebrate Jesus’ resurrection with these Easter Bible verses with your children.

Create DIY Easter Crafts

One way to celebrate Easter with kids is through crafts. Make DIY decorations like painting eggs, crafting Easter baskets, or making paper flowers together. These activities not only provide entertainment but also serve as teaching tools about Christianity’s Easter customs.

  1. Paint Easter Eggs: Painting Easter eggs is a timeless Easter craft that kids will adore. Experiment with different colors and techniques to give each egg its own distinctive look.
  1. Create Easter Baskets: You can craft baskets from various materials, like paper, cardboard, or recycled materials. Afterward, decorate them with stickers, ribbons, or markers.
  1. Create Paper Flowers: Use tissue paper, construction paper, or even coffee filters to craft beautiful paper flowers that can brighten up any home for Easter. These decorations are ideal for welcoming in the new season!
  1. DIY Easter Cards: Create cards for family and friends using construction paper, markers, and stickers. It’s an enjoyable and thoughtful way to spread Easter cheer!
  1. Create Easter Wreaths: Use materials such as paper, fabric, or twigs to craft an Easter wreath. Then decorate it with seasonal decorations like eggs, bunnies, and flowers.

Incorporate Food into Your Easter Celebration

Another way to celebrate Easter with children is through food. Baking treats like hot cross buns or Easter bread or decorating cupcakes with themed decorations is an enjoyable and delicious way for them to join the holiday celebration. Additionally, this provides an opportunity to teach them about the history of these foods and their role in various Easter celebrations throughout history.

Participate in Faith-Based Activities

You can incorporate faith-based activities into your Easter celebration. For instance, participate in a Good Friday service or attend an Easter Sunday church service. Many churches offer Easter egg hunts for kids as an entertaining and festive way to commemorate the holiday. Moreover, prayer or meditation could be included as part of your Easter activities to reflect on its significance and connect with your faith community.

Perform Acts of Service to Celebrate Easter with Kids

One way to celebrate Easter with kids is through acts of service. This is an excellent chance to instill in them the value of giving back and aiding those in need. For example, you could volunteer at a local food bank, collect donations for charity or participate in community service projects. 

Furthermore, this is an ideal time to discuss the history behind Easter and its message of compassion and love it brings.

In conclusion, celebrating Easter with kids can be a wonderful opportunity to teach them about its history and significance while creating lasting memories. By including faith-based activities, Easter crafts, food, and acts of service in your celebration, you will help your children grasp its deeper significance and the powerful message of hope and redemption it carries.

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