Best 5 Destinations for Bird Watchers

Best 5 Destinations for Bird Watchers

Are you an avid twitcher who is always on the lookout for rare birds? Or maybe you are an awesome photographer who loves to capture beautiful birds with your camera. Whatever be it, you don’t get to see rare birds anywhere and everywhere whenever you wish to. You may have to travel long distances just to see a glimpse of that rare bird that you were told about. But, instead of searching for those birds, it would be great to know about some of the best destinations that are popular for bird watching. Here are the top destinations for bird watchers, which are no less than heaven.

Manu National Park

  • Where: Peru
  • Approximate bird species: 1000
  • Exotic bird variety: Macaw

When you have more than 1000 species of birds to look at in an area that covers over 15,000 square kilometers, it would seem like a heaven for twitchers. Find the rare species of macaws here, and you can also come across some of the most beautiful and colorful birds in this place.

macaw bird watchers

Papua New Guinea

  • Where: New Guinea
  • Approximate bird species: 40 varieties of Birds of Paradise
  • Exotic bird variety: Birds of Paradise, Cassowary

As a twitcher, you must have heard about the Birds of Paradise. The good thing is that Papua New Guinea is home to 40 different species of such birds, and you will be awestruck by the view. If you are lucky enough during your visit to this place availing discount coupons from SaveMyPocket, you can see a cassowary too. Try not to get too close as these can be really dangerous. But, other than that, the isolated archipelago of Papua New Guinea has so much to offer to bird watchers.

bird of paradise bird watcher

Kruger National Park

  • Where: South Africa
  • Approximate bird species: 500
  • Exotic bird variety: Southern Ground Hornbill, Martial Eagle, Glossy Starlings

As a national park, you would expect to see a lot of animals, but Kruger National Park has a huge variety of birds, and that too some of the rare ones. It is a treat for any bird watcher as it has over 500 different species of birds roaming around the national park. Try capturing some amazing images of the Martial Eagle, Southern Ground Hornbill, and Glossy Starlings.

hornbill bird watcher

The Pantanal

  • Where: Brazil
  • Approximate bird species: 500
  • Exotic bird variety: Flightless Rhea, Humming Bird, Beija-Flor

Considered a major hub for twitchers, The Pantanal is a mystical place where you can see almost 6 different species of birds on the branch of a single tree. You will also get to see the biggest Brazilian bird, the Flightless Rhea here during your trip booked through Makemytrip offers. In addition to the big bird, you will also see some of the smallest and cutest birds in and around this area. Starting from the busy Humming Bird to Beija-Flor, you can watch them all. July is the best time to visit Pantanal. So, make your reservations accordingly.

bird watcher


  • Where: East of Sumatra, West of Sulawesi and North of Java
  • Approximate bird species: 500
  • Exotic bird variety: Kingfishers, Pittas, Storks, Broadbills, Hornbills

Being the third largest island in the world has huge benefits. And, one of them is being the habitat of rare birds. Kingfishers, Pittas, Hornbills, Storks, Broadbills – you name them, and you can see them in this place. Keep your camera ready all the time to take stunning flying pictures of these birds. The high-level biodiversity of Borneo makes it a must-visit for all bird lovers.

Destinations for Bird Watchers

All said and done, it is time for you to pack your bags and get going. Watching birds can be both relaxing and a very good experience. Plus, if you have a passion for photography, then these places would be the most appropriate for capturing the most captivating bird images.

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