Benefits of Having Playtime on the Playground

Benefits of Having Playtime on the Playground

Any day, any time, you’ll see my kids playing in the playground, making friends and learning in unique ways. There was never a dull moment in my house; the kids loved playing outside, and I often encouraged them to go out and play.

Over the years, I’ve seen them blossom into incredible individuals, and I give a sizable portion of my gratitude to the playground. I want to spend time sharing the benefits of having playtime on the playground that I think y’all will enjoy.

Children Are More Active

Have you noticed how much more active kids are outdoors? It’s crazy—but it’s beneficial, y’all. Young kids love being outside for fresh air and exercise. Being outside taught my kids to be active and to love physical activity. With playground memories in tow, staying active is something my kids continued to enjoy, and it’s something I think you’ll love seeing your children enjoy too.

Playtime Makes the Brain Happy

I know the struggle of having kids with so much pent-up energy that they don’t know what to do. It’s a lot like a boomerang—the more my kids tried to find other sources of destressing at home, the more the stress returned. Once I offered to take them to the park, their eyes would sparkle.

The greatest thing that came out of our trips to the park was seeing how happy my kids looked after playing. I can’t emphasize enough how essential it is to find healthy outlets for kids to let go of their energy.

I know that time spent at the playground always makes the brain happy, and it taught my kids how to develop better mental health habits.

Kids Develop Better Socially

I enjoyed watching my kids meet and interact with kids around the neighborhood. I know once kids enter school, they clam up—unsure of how to socialize and too nervous to try. But after a day at the park, my kids were more confident in themselves and learned how to socialize with others.

There’s something about the playground that made my kids eager to meet other kids their age. I was elated to see the social skills they could learn on the playground.

Many positives came out of their time at the park. These benefits of having playtime at the park have helped my children grow in new ways, and I hope it does the same for your family.

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