4 Types of Medical Malpractice: How Can a Lawyer Help You?

4 Types of Medical Malpractice How Can a Lawyer Help You from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

There are many cases of medical malpractice where a lawyer can be of assistance, for example, when it comes to receiving justice and the kinds of payments that we hear about.

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Doctors are not infallible, they will make mistakes, and sometimes serious ones. Failure to diagnose correctly and in time can lead to premature death. For example, cancer is more effectively treated when detected sooner rather than later. The idea of an illness being detected later is unthinkable, especially when it can be too late in terms of a condition that could have been treatable, as opposed to only then existing as something suitable for palliative care. That is where someone is just made comfortable for the period of life they then have remaining.

Had a doctor diagnosed sooner in some cases of cancer, then there could still have been time for the patient to have made the most of their remaining life with their families before the condition worsened to a degree that life could not be enjoyed.

Misdiagnosis will be something that does give a patient a chance to claim against a doctor or hospital for negligence. Evidence will need to be obtained that the doctor had the opportunity to pick up a condition sooner, had they not been too busy to notice or lacked training. 

Juggling too many patients is not easy, but patient care must always come first and ahead of everything else. Diagnosis needs to be in time for it to make a difference. That is why primary health care exists so that early detection is possible. Prevention is, of course, better than waiting until treatment is necessary or too late.

Birthing Mistakes

There are long-term medical conditions that can result from birthing mistakes in the midwifery department of a hospital. Without sufficient staff, the care that ought to be given to mothers and their babies does not always exist. It is a double responsibility when there are two patients to look after. There will end up being cases where babies end up brain-damaged because of a lack of oxygen when they were not delivered in time or with the necessary care.

Mistakes that are made during pregnancy or shortly after birth can lead to babies being deprived of oxygen. The typical brain injuries that can result include cerebral palsy. Also, neurological conditions that affect the brain and neurological system can result. This is something that a child and their family will then have to live with. It is upsetting but important to claim for so that the financial future of a family and their loved ones is secured. Additional medical and care provider bills are unavoidable with such conditions. They are life-changing for everyone.

Surgical Negligence

You may think that every precaution is taken when legs or arms have to be amputated, but how often do you hear that the wrong arm or leg has been removed? This can be due to a bad checking procedure or because the medical practitioner was overworked, and therefore too tired to function correctly at the time. Short staffing can result in proper checks, not all being conducted, or medical notes being misinterpreted. Negligence can be about the hospitals not having sufficient staffing levels to cope with demand, as much as a lack of training.

During operations, tiredness might result in carelessness and other organs can end up damaged during operations. This can leave a patient with life-changing problems. These can be claimed for when there are lawyers on hand to sue for these kinds of medical mistakes, which happen as a result of negligent surgery.


As well as a surgeon operating on a patient, there will also be the anesthetist taking care of the patient, to ensure that they are continuing to breathe and remain stable throughout an operation. Mistakes can happen with regards to the wrong doses of anesthetic being delivered, too.

Every medical procedure will have its risks attached but these are increased when doctors or hospital staff are tired, or there are just too few of them to monitor every single patient correctly.

We, therefore, have four examples that prove just why there are so many examples of medical mistakes each year. Thankfully, some lawyers dedicate themselves to medical malpractice.

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