Is 2018 The Year Of A Career Change? The Possibilities To Ponder

December is a time of year of reflection. We look back on the year and decide how we have done and what we can do to make some changes to have an even better year than the last. It means we ponder over things like financial circumstances, our careers, and family life, and we put together some resolutions hoping to make things better. But while you can do things about your diet and try and live a more active life, things like finances and your career take more effort and motivation to bring in the changes, and sometimes we can fall a little short due to lack of inspiration and knowledge. I wanted to share with you some of the possibilities for 2018 that could help you make that career change that you crave.

Is 2018 The Year Of A Career Change The Possibilities To Ponder from North Carolina Lifestyle Blogger Adventures of Frugal Mom

Starting your own business or working from home

One of the first things you could consider is starting up on your own or working from home freelance. You may have a skill that you could utilize more profitably by working for yourself. It could be that you want to enhance on some of the online side hustles you already do and branch into the world of selling on eBay, or advertising your skills as a virtual assistant, a blogger or content writer. Maybe you already have a blog that you want to take to the next level and monetize. You may find you always have the key ingredients to make a business from home or working from home successfully.

A career in accounting

Maybe a career in accounting could be a viable option for you. If you have a head for numbers and know how to stay focused on things then this could be an ideal career path for you to take. Every company or business needs some sort of accounting team or department, so you will find that there is an abundance of jobs out there. You may need to consider an online msc international accounting and finance course to become more knowledgeable of the fundamentals that it takes to have an accounting career. However, it could be a great move and a financial course could also open up other career options like the banking sector or even selling stocks and shares.

Nursing or caring

A nurse or carer is one of the most thankless jobs you can do. You may see many patients each day and take care of their daily needs. You might look after elderly people or focus on patients that need quality care. You will not only implement medication and be caring about their general welfare, but also ensure that you are meeting the needs of the department you work in. Being a nurse can be as specific or general as you wish it to be. Some people train in specific areas of nursing, for example, midwifery, a children’s nurse or even something to do with body parts like bone specialists or surgical hands during surgery. However, it can be one of the most rewarding jobs you can have and many people consider career changes for jobs like this when they are hoping for some job satisfaction at the end of the working day.

I hope this has inspired you with some of the options you have as a career choice for 2018.

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