12 Ways to Take Care of Your Construction Crew

Construction jobs are one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. Such jobs require a lot of physical power, skills, and knowledge. Construction carries more risk than your average job, with crushing, cutting and falling injuries all commonplace. This makes builders risk insurance vital for any employee wishing to protect their workers. It is important for you to take care of your construction crew as a builder or contractor to help them avoid injury. Workers are more productive when they are being taken care of, and a worker’s attitude reflects the builder’s or leader’s attitude. Hence, if the employer takes care of their workers, they will do the same in return by working honestly and efficiently. If you are in the business of managing construction projects, here are twelve ways to take care of your construction crew.

  1. Provide Your Crew With a Healthy Diet

Make sure that your workers are getting healthy meals and that they are hydrated. Fast food and quick meals do not have enough nutrients in them to provide workers with the energy needed for hefty tasks. A healthy worker is also a productive worker. Healthy workers also do not call in sick often and can perform better even during double shifts.

  1. Rent a Place for Your Crew to Stay

Construction projects can also require going to and staying out of the station. The project leader should rent a place for the workers to rest during breaks and stay until the project is completed. Many housing companies provide such rental services. For example, you can rent motels in Big Lake TX, for your crew if you have to go to Big Lake, Texas, for a project. That way, the workers won’t have to travel far every day.

  1. Be Kind to Your Workers

It is vital to show humility and kindness towards your crew members. An environment of appreciation increases the morale of workers. Even giving a few minutes of your time to the workers to ask how they or their families are doing can mean so much to the workers. Giving them respect will only benefit you.

  1. Fun Activities for Crew Members

All work and no play can make your workers less productive. It is significant for them to have little fun activities like movie night, playing board games or card games, etc. This way, they can relax their mind and bodies and regain energy for the work. Such activities help strengthen the bond of all the workers. If the workers do not share a good bond, they cannot work well as a team.

  1. Clear Communication and Training

It is vital to have clear communication with your crew about their duties. The workers must be clear on what you have told them and what they can expect. A proper site orientation should be given, and you must answer all their queries. Give proper training to them when they have to use new machinery or technology. Ensure that they are aware of what each machine does as well as the dangers of each one and that electrical equipment has things like cable labels attached that the workers understand so they can handle the equipment carefully and correctly. This way, there will be fewer chances of accidents happening on-site.

  1. Have Well-Maintained Equipment

For your crew’s best performance and safety, your machinery and equipment have to be in their best working condition. Make sure the machines are safe, properly cleaned, oiled when necessary, and perform the task they are supposed to. A professional must come in monthly to check the machinery for possible faults or parts that are not working. One way to achieve this is by using John Deere aftermarket parts, which can be a cost-effective solution to maintaining and repairing machinery. In many situations, these parts perform as well as, or even better than, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts. This doesn’t just help maintain the equipment’s performance but also contributes to the workers’ safety. This way, the productivity and safety of the workers will increase. This way, the productivity and safety of the workers will increase.

  1. Resolve Conflicts

If some members of your crew have issues or conflicts with each other, you must act as a mediator and solve these issues. If there is no harmony in the crew, they will certainly not do a good job. For the betterment of your crew and your project, it is important to make sure the crew members have no problems with each other.

  1. Offer Rewards and Incentives

To keep your workers’ morale high, you can offer them incentives, gifts, rewards, etc., for completing a task on time. That way, the workers will have the motivation to work harder, and you will get a good performance from them.

  1. Stretching Routine Before and After Work

Make a stretching routine before starting a task and after finishing it. Workers have to deal with a lot of heavy-duty stuff, and there are high chances of them pulling a muscle or getting injured. To avoid any injuries, it is better to have a proper stretching or exercising routine daily. Exercising and stretching also help relax the mind and lighten the mood.

  1. Have a Positive Attitude with Your Crew

As a project leader, your mood sets the mood for everyone on the site. Have a positive and understanding attitude with the workers so that they are happy to see you. If you pull up in a bad mood, every worker will try to avoid you, and they will be frustrated as well. Be positive towards them so that your workers can have a relaxing and motivating environment to work in.

  1. Give Your Crew Much Needed Off Days

The construction workers have to work for so many hours constantly that they are completely exhausted at the end of the day. They deserve a break. If a worker is burnt out or overwhelmed and tired by the job, he will not perform productively. It is critical to give some off days to your workers.

  1. Take Care of Their Hygiene

Good hygiene ensures a healthy life. You must ensure the workers have complete access to hygienic services. Workers often suffer from cuts and scrapes, and without proper hygiene, the bacteria can cause infection and illnesses in workers. There should be sanitary washrooms, hand washing stations or hand sanitizers, and clean drinking water available on site for the workers.

Working in the construction industry can be tiring. However, it is one of the most important jobs in the world. Being a construction manager, you should know that the happiness and well-being of your crew are necessary for completing a project in the best way possible. To take care of your construction crew, you should give them adequate training and safety gear, off days, rewards, a place to stay, basic hygiene facilities, healthy food, and clear communication. Remember, your crew is going to turn blueprints into buildings, so they must have the best care and working environment.

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