Top 5 Most Inspiring Disney Princesses

Top 5 Most Inspiring Disney Princesses

When you think of Disney princesses, do you really think they’re that inspiring? I mean it’s always the same story, isn’t it? The princess gets saved by some prince or boy in her life and whoa super inspirational. There are more princesses though. Ones that truly fight for what they want in life and achieve it. They teach girls of any age that no matter what you’re going through you can figure your own way out. Here are five of those lovely princesses for you.


If it isn’t Pocahontas herself. Many people don’t technically consider her a “princess” so to speak, but she was a son of a chief so in Native American perspective she was a princess. Pocahontas was strong-willed and brave as a person, even without John. She stood strong for her home and people in all of the chaos and destruction. Pocahontas shows how strong and independent a woman can be when she is truly dedicated to her cause.


Merida is well known for being strong spirited and, well, brave (no pun intended). Fighting your parents’ will is a tough thing to do, and quite relatable for most girls. Although she does some pretty crazy stuff to get her way, in the end, she shows how strong and brave a girl can be if they put their mind to it.


Quite a classic and well-known princess, Belle definitely deserves a spot on the list. She was one of the first smart and independent princesses Disney portrayed. Although she often had her head in a book or up in the clouds, she did know what she wanted or didn’t want in life and held strong to it. Between fighting off an unwanted suitor, saving her dad, or making the beast a better man; this girl could do a lot. She shows girls that a little bit of knowledge and willpower can truly go a long way to your goals if you put your heart in it.


Princess of the sea, Ariel’s a curious and lovable character. Although she’s not the most positive role model with her selling her voice thing, she does provide a positive and amusing role in girls’ lives. The basic theme is: there’s a way through any tough situation, and there is always another solution to your problem.


Mulan, Mulan, Mulan. Technically her name is Fa Mulan, but just Mulan is easier to type and say. Not truly a princess, but with the heart of one. This girl is quite the firecracker, and pretty reckless. Although it was quite dangerous to do what she did, she did it for a worthy cause. And in the end, she saved the ones she loved and more. She’s more a, “if there’s a will, there’s a way,” type of girl.

These girls certainly have a lot of willpower when they’re put together. Using heart, brains, will, or wits; these princesses sure knew how to their strengths to achieve what they want in life. Keep these inspiring girls in mind whenever you’re facing a problem, because there’s always a way through it.

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